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  • Examples Of Standing Up For The Crucible

    Everyday I see people wanting to stand up for something, but don’t do it. People get so scared because they don’t want someone to judge them or lose someone they care about. I had stood up for my sister Hannah when “rumors” were going around about her. I had lost friends because of it and I would not change that. Hannah is my baby sister and no friend or person is more important than her. I wasn’t going to let people say things about her or call her some inappropriate things. I had stood up for in a positive and negative ways. I have done the same thing as John Proctor when Elizabeth was getting arrested. John had tried to talk to the marshal first, but then got mad and aggressive. I can relate to John because we are both protective of our families and the ones we love. John and I are the same because we get mad and then realize what we have done. We always try to make things right, even if it is difficult to do so. John had lost the respect of people and was condemned to death. Even though I wasn’t killed, I had lost the people who were close to me. I knew in my heart that I could not let the rumors happen anymore. I told every person who had something to say if they have a problem with Hannah to come to me or to keep their mouths shut. An example of when I stood up for Hannah was when rumors started about her and Jonathan dating. I stood up for Hannah against everyone. Even if the rumors were true, I wouldn’t let people say things about Hannah. If I wouldn’t…

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  • Short Long Hair Wears Earring Analysis

    Annie: Heathcliff, short, long hair, wears earring Bernard: Sherlock, tall, long hair, wears earring Carolyn: Romeo, medium, short hair, wears earring Daniel: Harry, short, long hair, doesn’t wear earring Since we know each person can be right about only 1 thing, we need to cross out similarities. Starting with Daniel, we know he has to be right about the character not wearing earrings, because he is the only student that had a different answer for that category, and the other 3 students can’t…

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  • The Importance Of Education In Everyday Use By Alice Walker

    quickly as possible.” (Rodriguez 347). Rodriguez read for pleasure and the desire of knowledge; he wanted to be like his educators. Rodriguez remembered how eager he was to share his knowledge with his parents. In the second grade, Rodriguez recall he made a spectacle of correcting his parents grammatical errors and was displeased when he wasn’t able to receive help with his homework from his parents. (Rodriguez 339). Rodriguez stated he was embarrass by his parents and the fact they did not…

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  • Alice Paul Thesis

    Understating Alice Paul is an important part of understanding our history as women, and even men should understand the horrors these women experienced in their time. Alice Paul has not been completely forgotten by all means, but has been forgotten on a huge level. Very few people have learned about the struggles of Paul and her fellow suffragists. Paul is one of the lucky ones in my opinion, for there are hundreds of women’s names that we will never know. There are contributions that will…

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  • Over The Garden Wall Heroic Cycle

    The Heroic Cycle of Over the Garden Wall Over the Garden Wall is a mini-series that revolves around stepbrothers Wirt and Greg trying to find their way out of the woods and back home. The show starts off rather mysteriously with little context on the situation at hand other than that vague information. In the very first episode Wirt and Greg run into a woodsman that continuously warns them of an evil beast that lurks the woods and tells Wirt, since he’s the older of the two, how he should…

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  • What Is The World Of A Boss Essay

    The World of Bosses “I need a job!” A job is relevant for many reasons. Jobs provide money that feeds a family and pays bills. Unfortunately a job includes a lot more than just making money. Managers, shift-leaders, and supervisors are a major are just a few disadvantages when it comes to working. Many bosses are not friendly. Bosses have data to record, people to hire, hours to work and people to instruct. Pressure takes over a boss 's life. Although there are bosses who are manipulators,…

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  • Case Study: Playing The Most Dangerous Game

    14. Victor - It 's not a shock that he is leaving the game this week, but his gameplay made no sense. He won roadkill and blabbed to the entire house that he won. If he had no exposed himelf, maybe Paulie would have used the veto on Tiffany and he would be safe from eviction this week. He thinks he is safe homehow after his ally just left the house in a 7-4 vote. He could win buyback, but the odds are of him leaving barring winning head of househould. 13. Frank - Frank was at the top of my…

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  • Tiffany Riffo Analysis

    Power Rankings 13. Tiffany Rousso – Tiffany’s biggest problem is something called a social game! It just does not exist and she sketches the other houseguest out. Everyone feels she’s going to be a paranoid mess and it reminds them of her sister Vanessa. No one is loyal to her in this game and she’s an easy scapegoat to leave this week. Her closes allies were Michelle, Paulie and Da’vonnne who all played a direct role in her undoing this week. 12. Bronte D’Acquisto – If the vote flips, then she…

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  • Personal Narrative: Feeling Like An Outsider

    Feeling like an Outsider The 3 day basketball tryouts have begun and I see that few of my friends have showed up. The few that did were thinking about quitting. “For the love of the game,” I tell them, “keep going until the end.” But every day I see more and more dropping like flies. Many of them don’t want to feel the soreness and sweat dripping down your back. Others just felt like they sucked at basketball and weren’t good enough. As the results come in I am faced with a challenge. I find…

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  • Passing Of Reality

    Is Reality Affected By the Passing of Time? Technology has come a long way in the past decade. It has helped humanity evolve faster than ever. However, not everything about technology is great. Technology has affected the way that humans perceive reality now. It gives people the wrong idea of how the real world works by creating a world that people can easily adjust to. In this essay, I argue that the virtual world lowers your expectations of the real world, that using technology connects and…

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