The Real World

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  • Real World Theme

    What is the real world, are our opinions truly are own? These questions are raised in the song “Real World” by the All-American Rejects. The song begins with the writers saying that many people simply go throughout life in a dream like daze. The writers then goes onto the second verse where it is stated that many people simply believe whatever they told and and in doing so slip away from reality. In the third verse the writers portrays that there is still hope for those who are fooled and that while there is darkness, you are not alone. Next the writers mention that the past is the past and that we can only go forward. Then the writers then goes on to portray that when people find out that which they do not wish to be reality they reject the truth and in so doing reject themselves.…

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  • MTV: The Development Of Real World

    MTV: The Development of Real World Real World is a reality television show that was launched after a documentary series, An American Family, aired in 1973 on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). According to Wikipedia, there are currently 32 seasons and 591 episodes. The first episode aired in 1992 and new episodes continue to be broadcasted, which makes Real World the longest-running program on MTV. In addition to this, the show is also said to be the longest-running reality series in history…

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  • Living In The Real World Analysis

    The world is dealing with so many tragedies; it is headed into a post-apocalyptic status and the next step after that would be extinction. Knowing the government, they are trying to grasp onto the little bit of this we have left, however this means they have to take drastic measures. Since it is year 2213 our technology has advanced a significant amount, giving people the opportunity to live in a virtual reality world, but living in this world would mean I would have to give up my actual life.…

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  • The Real World-Personal Narrative

    cobwebs and shadows. There was never light and so sometimes, I used to light candles to look at what is outside. I had always wished to go outside in the real world, and go into the society. But, I did not know how other people lived there. And how would I survive in the real world? I don’t know how much time I have lived in this place, but I think it is now the time, I should go and experience the life outside the horrible place, where I had…

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  • The Real World In Annie Dillard's An American Childhood

    Awakening into the reality that is “the real world” can be rough and turbulent. Adolescents go through significant phases in their journey of figuring out who they are and how they fit into the fabric of everyday life. The first one being the naive phase; this is where we believe we know everything there is to know. This is the stagnant phase where we cannot see change and think about forever in the most literal sense. Second is the turbulent phase; where we find ourselves rebelling to anything…

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  • A Real World Hero

    Not all heroes wear capes. Some heroes wear stethoscopes or even normal clothes. Real-world heroes blend in with normal people just like you and me. The thing that separates us is their call to duty and their brave instincts to help others. It takes hard work and dedication to become a real hero. Not everyone has what it takes, but those that do sure do deliver. Gender, age, and even race doesn't determine your qualification to become a real-world hero. Real world heroes save people and…

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  • Mathematical Problem In The Real World

    At times, trying to picture a mathematical problem in the real world is better solved by using abstract math. Ed Yong from National Geographic states that “when learning math, abstract symbols work better than real world examples” due to important logical thinking skills learned (2008). Learning theory is considered how well a person can relate a topic and solve the problem at an understandable quicker rate. According to National Geographic, there was a new study that shows that students who are…

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  • The Role Of Violence In The Real World

    There has always been a lot of discussion on whether violence in the media leads to violence in the real world. There is so much debate on this topic because some people feel that violence in media can cause people to become violent while others believe that it doesn’t have an affect on them. I feel that violence portrayed in today’s media is not the direct cause of people behaviors. I believe that it all depends on how the person really is and how they were raised. Someone with mental disorder,…

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  • Real World: An Introduction To Sociology

    A person’s race affects their life daily whether they are aware of it or not. Those who are of a darker complexion might face problems such as discrimination and them being thought of as lesser just for this skin tone whereas someone who is of a lighter skin tone might be thought of as more intelligent or “wealthier” than their counterpart. Sometimes people are even able to downplay or use their race/ethnicity to their own advantage (Ferris, Kerry and Jill Stein. 2008. The Real World: an…

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  • The Truman Show: The Perfect World Of The Real World

    the first child to be legally bought by a company, he grew up in a fake world of Sea Haven, never new anything different, un aware he was controlled by the director’s actions. Truman was not accustomed to this ‘fake world’ thinking everything was normal and he was in his own perfect world. until some surprising circumstances in certain episodes that distracted Truman from the fake world. Truman started to construct there were some curious events that made him believe there was something…

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