2004 Indian Ocean earthquake

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  • Deadliest Tsunami: A Case Study

    December 26th, 2004 marks the day a 9.1-9.3 magnitude earthquake triggered arguably the deadliest tsunami of the twenty-first century. The 1,300 km fault zone spawned a wave reaching fifty meters in height and five meters inland. Fourteen countries worldwide lost an estimated 230,000 people [Geist et al., 2015] and a devastating ten billion dollars to the colossal Indian Ocean swell. The devastation kick started efforts to create better technology and innovations so that when the next disaster struck, humanity would be prepared. What is important to know is what actually causes a tsunami to occur, specifically the one in 2004. “Seismologists believe the sudden change in the seafloor terrain is what triggers a tsunami.” [Folger, 1984], meaning that a shift in the ocean floor stimulates a massive wave or waves in the ocean. What happened in 2004 was a chain of events starting…

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  • Boxing Day Tsunami Case Study

    Task 1: Describe the pattern(s) of the global geographic topic Just before 8:00am local time on Boxing Day 2004 a magnitude 9.3 earthquake occurred about 240 kilometres off the coast of Sumatra and about 30 kilometres below the ocean floor. The earthquake jolted the seabed for nearly 10 minutes. It was one of the most powerful earthquakes ever recorded. This submarine earthquake, provided the initial disturbance in the height of the ocean’s surface. For a short time after the earthquake,…

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  • The Sumatra Earthquake In The Indonesian Islands

    On December 26th, 2014 the Indonesian islands shook violently from a 9.1 magnitude earthquake. Once the earthquake began a series of chain reactions occurred that had drastic impacts across the ocean. Land was displaced, homes submerged under water, and tidal waves as high as 100m were created. With no warning systems for earthquakes or tsunamis of any kind in the area, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka and more will feel these lasting effects. This will go down in history as one of the worst acts of…

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  • Sidebar: A Large Global Earthquake

    Sidebar: The largest tsunami wave ever recorded happened in 1958. An earthquake triggered a massive rockslide on the shore of Lituya Bay in southeast Alaska. Almost forty million tons of rocks splashed into bay. The sudden impact generated a tsunami that crashed against the other shoreline, flooding the area. The local tsunami traveled down the length of the bay and into the Gulf of Alaska, taking millions of trees as it blasted through the water. The wave reached a run-up height of 1,720 feet.…

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  • Causes Of Tsunami Essay

    A tsunami is a seismic sea wave. Displacement of water forms a sequence of waves and this generally happens in an ocean or a large lake.Tsunamis are different because normal waves are caused by wind or tides, which is actually generated by the gravitational pull of the Moon and Sun. According to Source 1, the first recorded tsunami was back in 7000-6000 BCE and this was in Portugal but the primary cause is unknown. Since then there have been many tsunamis that have caused damage, two of the…

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  • The Effects Of The Boxing Day Tsunami

    Introduction On December 26, 2004, at approximately eight in the morning, there was a huge earthquake that struck the Indian Ocean. The magnitude of this earthquake was a 9.3 on the Richter scale. According to this scale, anything over a 9 results in “near-total destruction, waves moving through the earth visible with naked eye. The epicenter was off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. According to the California Institute of Technology, this earthquake ruptured the greatest fault length of 1500…

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  • Sumerian King Gilgamesh Analysis

    water, masses amount of displaced water rises over land and then recedes back to the ocean. Plate…

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  • Cause Of Tsunami Essay

    Introduction: What is a harmful problem that waves cause? Tsunamis cause mass destruction and death whenever they hit land. Tsunamis are seismic sea waves/ huge ocean waves that are created by undersea disturbances and earthquakes. There are 3 main types of tsunamis: local tsunami, regional tsunami and distant tsunami. A local tsunami affects coasts less than 100km away from it's source and generally hits within an hour of occurring and sometimes within 10 minutes. Local tsunamis are…

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  • Prevention Of Vertical Evacuation (VEMA)

    mitigation measure are the attempts to create a new disaster subculture (Velotti et al., 2013) and educating people to self-assess the danger and take action. The creation of a new disaster subculture in the case of tsunami relies on the Japanese concept of Tendenko, meaning “each for themselves” (Yamori, 2014). Tendenko teaches people mutual trust in the fact that everybody will attempt to gain safety; this approach saved many lives during the 2011 Tohoku earthquake/tsunami. Education proved to…

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  • Mt Pinatubo Essay

    services (Remigio A. Mercado, et al.). At the same time as the eruption there was also a typhoon nearby that caused large amounts of rainfall causing the hot ash to turn into lahars. There were also secondary explosions that occurred due to rainfall hitting pyroclastic flows that were still hot. This then creates more ash fall, which in turn creates a continuous fight. There is still a continuous fight against the effects of this eruption. There would have been much more damage if it weren’t for…

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