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  • Civil War In Somalia

    1. INTRODUCTION Sovereignty is the supreme authority and power that states have over their territories and what is within them. This paper will provide a brief history of the civil war in Somalia and will explain how it made many people flee to Kenya for security reasons. In international law, refugees have rights that require their host states to protect them. These rights are explained in both the international refugee law and the Kenyan refugee law. Although the Kenyan government is obliged to protect Somali refugees, it also needs to protect its territories form the threat posed by some refugees. Kenya's sovereignty allows it to choose whether to protect refugees at the cost of its national security. Since sovereignty is about protecting…

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  • Intervention In Somalia

    direct failures of the intervention, we can learn a great deal about the American failure through the consequences of Somalia. Domestic politics drives foreign policy, and in the case of Somalia, the domestic backlash sheds light on what was a step in the wrong direction for security as seen through Presidential Decision Directive 25. After the tragedy of the battle of Mogadishu and Black Hawk Down, President Clinton was facing mounting domestic pressure to ‘bring the boys home’. Congress was…

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  • Statelessness In Somalia

    This thesis-driven essay deals with the quandary of order in Somalia, the purpose being to determine the factors that maintain the current condition of statelessness. An important aspect of this exercise is to highlight the differences within the region embodied by the legal unit of Somalia. Located in the North of the country, two major entities have developed, Somaliland and Puntland, in stark contrast to southern and central Somalia which “are marred by violence and the absence of effective…

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  • Menkhaus: A Somalia Case Study

    Somalia is consistently seen as a failed state, undeniably it could be argued that it is the classic case as Liberia, Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). As Messner (2013) argues, “it is also indubitable that the plan to build and sustain a modern state, with internal and external sovereignty as its defining characteristics has failed in Somalia.” However, Robert W. Cox (2209) adds, “many works in political science dealing with Somalia are written from a ‘problem-solving…

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  • Civil War Break Out In Somalia

    Antonio Guterres, the head of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), stated “I have no doubt that in today’s world, Somalia corresponds to the worst humanitarian disaster. I have never seen… people coming in such desperate conditions.” (UN: Somalia). Civil War broke out in Somalia and caused the Somalis to flee. Some spend weeks in the scorching sunlight with temperatures as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit. They bring little to nothing on their backs as they travel, most by foot,…

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  • Federal Government: Somalia Case Study

    Somalia has always been a land of clan’s. Each clan conducts its own society under its own views of the law. In northern Somalia, the clan is trying to setup a society under one law and a representative government. In southern Somalia, there is still chaos. If the American Army must go to Somalia, this could cause problems for them. The people of Somalia has lived in the state of chaos, violence and anarchy for decades. The reason for this was the rivalry between the major clans of the…

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  • Somali Genocide Essay

    would be African and Arabic countries. Somalia and Rwanda are two countries that stand out in particular due to the recent turmoil. The Rwandan genocide is an example of one ethnic group slaughtering another. This is similar to another lesser known, but longer lasting genocide called the Somali Genocide. The Somali genocide started as clan warfare after the fall of Siyad Barre and his regime. The barbaric events occurred over a span of 21 years (1988-2009). It was in 2009 that all foreign powers…

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  • Somali Refugees In Kenya

    expatriating Somali refugees back to Somalia would be in some way or another breaking international law knowing that Kenya is apart of many treaties in regards to the protection of refugees as mentioned above. On the contrary, one can also argue, why should Kenya obey international law in regards to the protection of refugees and…

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  • Causes Of The Somali Civil War

    The next cause of the Somali Civil War is the prevalence of clans in Somalia. The role of clans in Somalia is an important social unit in Somalia just as it is in the rest of Africa. Upon saying that, there is a lot of division that goes into the formation of these clans despite the fact Somalia is very homogenous and the population is 99% Somalian (Terdman 2008, 12). Due to this, the vast majority of its citizens share both a common language and a common culture. (Woods 1997, 1) Still, clans…

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  • Essay On Racial Identity

    knowing who you are? My racial identity is African American but I defined myself as Somalia American. In this paper, I will discuss my racial identity as of Somalia American and my religion identity which is Muslim. I will be discussing how I became aware of my racial identity and how that had an impact in my life and how I felt about it. also, I will be discussing What is feeling be a Muslim woman in American and the way Muslim are portrayed in the media. I will be sharing my background of came…

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