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  • Controversy: The Son Of Sam Law

    Son of Sam The Son of Sam Law has only been invoked a couple of times in cases such as Mark David, John Lennon assassination and a couple others such as Scarsdale diet. The Son of Sam law has been in effect in the past, present, and even has been challenged as unconstitutional. While in prison a serial killer or con-artist can profit off of their crime by writing a novel or selling movie rights about their crime and make millions. That’s why the Son of Sam law was created. On July 29, 1976 David Berkowitz started his killing spree (“David Berkowitz”). He went around New York shooting innocent couples that happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, in a car, on the street or benches (David Berkowitz). The ruthless killer…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Pursuit Of Success

    When I think of successful people, my name had always failed to cross my mind. What had I done, or what could I ever do, to make myself worthy of holding such an honorable character trait? As it turns out, I have managed to surprise myself. It’s difficult to discuss these changes without sounding pompous or self-righteous, but I’ve come to find a great joy in reflecting on where I came from and where I stand today. Truly, I had never expected to attend college let alone fall in love with a…

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  • The American Dream In The 50's

    American Dream? To me the American dream is to be better than my father ever was. The american dream is to be able to provide for my family and to give them a much better life than you ever got. When I am able to give my family everything than what my parents weren’t able to give me. That is when I will know that I made it in America. The american dream just doesn’t end with me, I believe that as a parent you would want your son to do better than yourself. Therefore the american dream can be…

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  • Summary Of The Short Story 'Ball' By Sam Koperwas

    In the short story, “Ball”, by Sam Koperwas, the author teaches us that parents putting their dreams and aspirations on their kids is dreadful thing for the kid and the parent. In the part, where the son gives up on trying to make a basket, the father pulls him by his ear and slams the ball hard into his stomach. Then, the father rambles on about eating an apple everyday and saying prayers can help you accomplish tasks. The father continues with this statement, “Argue and I’ll slap your eyes…

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  • Flannery O Connor Character Analysis

    characteristics are just two of the main ones that I will focus on. The rest may be mentioned but only if relative to the other two. The story starts out immediately with the old lady bickering about not wanting to go to Florida for vacation with Bailey, her son, and his family. Though shortly after she is the first one in the car the next morning which is the day of the trip. So, this part of the story shows us right away that she is submissive to others. Further evidence is when Bailey’s…

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  • Umi-A-Liloa Legacy

    She was from Oahu and was his mother’s younger sister. They gave birth to a child, Hekau, who would be the heir of the kingdom. Liloa’s direct successor was Laea-nui-kau-manamana, the son of ʻEhu-nui-kai-malino, ruling chief of Kona, Hawaii. He was the only other chief that could…

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  • Willy Loman's Failure In Death Of A Salesman By Arthur Miller

    advantage of being good looking, get far in life, get rich quick, and enjoy the American Dream. Willy pushes his sons away by only focusing on the good his sons did when they were young, which gives his children no space to talk to him. The problem with Willy is that he’s made his sons into a project, so that he can live through them after he’s…

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  • Scott Russell Sanders Under The Influence

    “Under the influence” is a self portrait of Scott Russell Sanders. Sanders use of the present tense in “under the influence” helps make it clear that the memories of his father’s drinking haunt him this way. These memories effect his present relationship with his own son. This essay is personal but delineates the situation of every third family in the world. Sanders essay is personal and public where many readers can associate with their own story. The author initiates his essay describing…

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  • Women In Viking Society Essay

    their wants. On the other hand, Many Vikings believed women just advised and companied men, some them didn 't realized women were the ones who leadered in the Vikings society. Even though, men were described as the highest power; but that 's not true,women used to manipulate them. The source “Queen Gunnhild Has Her Way With Hrut” in Somerville and McDonald, eds., The Viking Age (Tonawanda, NY: University of Toronto Press, 2014) p. 89-93. Conveys the idea that the Viking society was controlled…

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  • Symbolism In The Metamorphosis By Kafka

    Wallpaper” was going through. They were both lucked up and confined in their room. They were both ignored and oppressed by their families. So, taking into consideration such events, it would seem that Gregor could be symbolizing the same disease but instead of using a wallpaper, Kafka used an insect. However, the image of an oppressor is present in both stories. So, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a disease with a medical condition, if not, something that might have been triggered or worsened…

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