Some Like It Hot

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  • Film Analysis Of Some Like It Hot

    Screening Analysis: Some Like It Hot, (1959) Billy Wilder Hollywood genre is represented in the 1959 musical comedy, Some Like It Hot through editing styles and screen play. Wilder uses high key lighting when character, Sugar; played by Marilyn Monroe is in the shot. By using choosing to use this glamourous white high key lighting grants the director the aesthetic of a Hollywood genre film. The screenplay of this film includes very exaggerated behavior from the actors/actresses. By exaggerating lines, actions, and behavior creates a masterpiece musical comedy; combining these two elements of film makes “Some Like It Hot” an all around pleasing film to watch. Besides this film, Gene Kelly’s and Stanley Donen’s Singin’ in the Rain, can also…

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  • Gender Issues In Bill Wilder's Film Some Like It Hot

    starts to fall for Sugar and an older gentlemen try to woo Daphne, and ‘the girls’ find themselves in hot water when the mob convention comes to the hotel. Bill Wilder’s 1959 comedy “Some Like it Hot” is regarded by many as one of his best films. The film is made in away for Wilder to relive some of the sub-genres of the past. One of these was “the ‘all-girl’ as they were called, … popular in vaudeville, theater, dance…

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  • Some Like It Hot Analysis

    "Well, nobody's perfect" the famous last line from the movie Some Like It Hot by director Billy Wilder, almost did not make it into the film. The line was only a temporary fill-in, until Wilder could come up with a better line. Fortunately, the line made it into the film, and became the most famous and iconic line of the entire film. The story is about two men, trying to escape from a criminal gang by dressing up as woman, and fleeing to Florida with an all-woman jazz band. The film thus stands…

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  • The Film Love, Marilyn Monroe: Sex Symbolism

    life, owned by the state, I concluded that the Bolender family was not a foster home as we Americans know or imagine them to be. Monroe’s time with the Bolender family didn’t last long and Monroe soon found herself back with her mother (Morgan Ch. 2). In my opinion, based on my reading of Marilyn Monroe: private and undisclosed, Monroe’s mother, was for some time a very good mother, who worked hard to take care of her daughter (Morgan Ch. 2). Sadly, all good things must end, and Monroe’s mother…

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  • Some Like It Hot Film Analysis

    Some Like It Hot: The Temporary Transvestite Movie Billy Wilder’s irreverent slapstick masterpiece, Some Like It Hot, challenges conventional ideas of gender, attraction, and sexuality. The main characters in the film are shown as stereotypical womanizers. They evolve, through very untraditional means of sensitization, into men capable of supporting and sustaining romantic relationships. Their transformation takes place through the use of the temporary transvestite genre. These characters,…

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  • Examples Of Gender Stereotypes In Some Like It Hot

    Some like It Hot is a romantic comedy film directed and produced by Billy Wilder and the film was set in 1929The film is centered on two musicians who are dressed in drag with the aim of eluding from mafia criminals since they accidentally witness a St. Valentine’s Day Massacre the two are on the run. The film is noteworthy for characterizing cross dressing, and for playing with the notion of homosexuality, as well as portraying gender stereotypes. Some like It Hot offers view on gender…

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  • Gender And Gender In Billy Wilder's Some Like It Hot

    Billy Wilder’s Some Like It Hot, is one of the more popular comedic works of its time. The movie showcases genres of romance, crime and comedy while creating an obvious juxtaposition of male and female characters. The movie highlights central themes regarding gender and sexuality. Marilyn Monroe’s character represents the quintessential cinematic female fantasy, as she represents the seemingly all too innocent, naive, sensual and sexual female representation that she has been largely popularized…

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  • Hot Water Makes Things Lose It's Color Fast Than Cold Water

    Rough Draft Hot water is known to make things lose it's color faster than cold water. Hot water makes things lose their color faster because the hotness of the water makes things lose color and makes them become soft. As in cold water, the coldness of the water makes things maintain their color longer and also makes things take longer time to become soft. In order for the hot water to make things lose their color they have to be hotter than the average water. Hot water is better…

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  • Essay On Hot Sauce

    Extra Hot version. It is made in Guadalajara by Salsa Tamazula. The company started out by making Tamazula Hot Sauce prior to bringing Valentina Hot Sauce to market in 1954. In the years since it has become the best-selling hot sauce in Mexico and is a staple in many Mexican households and Mexican restaurants. In short, it is the Mexican equivalent of Tabasco. In order to understand how this sauce acquired its iconic status, it is important to look at what goes into it. The listed…

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  • Butterfly Hot 20

    Meta: First came ‘Classic’, then came ’10’, now comes ‘20’. Capping off the ‘Butterfly’ game series, is Butterfly Hot 20 the pick of the bunch? Butterfly Hot 20 After the invention of the Butterfly Hot 10, Zeus Services have not stoppd there, as they clearly believe that the ‘Buttefly’ series of games has legimate franchise potential. Deciding to release the next game in the serioes under the name of Butterfly Hot 20, what players expect this new title to do is raise the stakes. Although the…

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