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  • West Side Story Film Analysis

    The classic tale of two star crossed lovers, and no, not Romeo and Juliet, but close, West Side Story. Through music and dance, the homes of American families in the 1950 have been introduced to a modern story of Romeo and Juliet, except instead of the Capulets and Montagues, it’s the Puerto Ricans and the Anglo-Americans. The migration of Puerto Ricans to the United States in the 1950s led to an influx of new community members and as a result, another component of diversity in the “melting pot,” that is the United States. With the introduction of West Side Story came a new, yet unsatisfying, portrayal of a group of people labeled as “Puerto Rican Migrants”. West Side Story is a critically acclaimed film that explores, and unsuccessfully tries, through the plot development and depictions of central characters in the film, to dim the stereotypes of Hispanic identities in 1950s New York City through a story of star crossed lovers. The film, West Side Story, first began as a play, one whose main purpose was to modernize the Shakespearean tragedy, Romeo and Juliet (Negron-Muntaner). The writer, Arthur Laurent, created a true to the time Romeo and Juliet, involving new themes and topics, adding dimension and diversity to the classic tale, through song and dance. West Side Story was originally supposed to be East Side Story, a story in which the two star crossed lovers are of different religions, Jewish and Christian. That original idea, however, was disregarded once the idea of…

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  • Somewhere In America Analysis

    Poetry by Heart Poetry Analysis In the poem, “Somewhere in America”, written by an anonymous poet associated with the Get Lit Project, brings up the truth about issues America has faced from generation to generation. Belissa Escobedo, Rhiannon McGavin, and Zariya Allen, are the three performers that help shed light on the world we live in today and how little it’s changed. The issues that the girls cover include the hypocrisy of society and the hidden truths that people have the right to…

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  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow

    America. This is an important song to America because it has deep roots to Americas history. There are many updated versions of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. One of the most famous versions is the one with the ukulele by Israel K. Somewhere Over The Rainbow is a ballad, with music by Harold Arlen and lyrics by E.Y. Harburg. It was written for the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz. It was sung by actress Judy Garland in her starring role as Dorothy Gale. The song won the Academy Award for The Best…

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  • Analysis: A Long Road To Somewhere

    “A Long Road To Somewhere” Out of the ashes a princess rises, since 1999 she has been growing, glowing, and becoming a queen. I have fought my hardest in the past eighteen years to get where I am today. I am not the same person I was in the past and I am not yet who I will be in the future. I have come a long way from the silly little girl with the gap to the very tomboyish pre-teen, to “that one girl with half her head shaved” in middle school, to the depressed high school kid trying to save…

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  • You Are Somewhere Here Analysis

    You Are Somewhere Here is a print that was completed in 2006 by Ken Fandell and Kaytie Johnson. This piece is located within the Peeler Art and was graciously donated to DePauw University by the artists. This piece can be described as eye catching due to its immense size and obvious contrast. The message behind the art and the statements it makes is very appealing both aesthetically and intellectually, as well. You Are Somewhere Here is first recognizable due to its vast surface area and color…

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  • Reflection Of A Painting: A Lake Somewhere In Turkey

    The first thing that I did for this artwork was to look for pictures by him which were difficult because the pictures that he takes all look so beautiful and has such contrast that it was hard just to pick one. My artwork is a lake somewhere in Turkey, the picture that I picked shows the lake looking gloomy while giving a calm sort of vibe. In the drawing there is a lake with some trees it looks like it may be autumn or the end or beginning of winter as the trees have no leaves by the trees…

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  • Somewhere Home Nada Awar Jarrar Analysis

    Theirs is a realm of memory, loss, exile and war colored by transitory moments of happiness and a desperate longing to belong, "[t]omorrow I will pack my bags and hope to run away again and find you in that place where my soul’s secrets remain, somewhere from which there is no further to go, somewhere home" (Jarrar 101). The last sentence of Aida, one of Jarrar’s protagonists, thus summarizes the protagonists' desperate need to belong and fit in. The novel successfully merges time and space to…

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  • Personal Narrative: Out Of The Shadows To Somewhere Peaceful

    Out Of the Shadows To Somewhere Peaceful My official birth certificate states that on November 25, 1998, at 11:46 a.m., I was born to Gracie Rangel and Eleasar Falcon. My place of birth of was in Mercy Hospital in Fresno, California. After my birth I went home with my mom. Since I was a child I couldn’t quite remember much of what happened. But I do know a few years after me, my sister, Gabrielle was born. My mom and father weren’t married so my mom left my dad. My mom said that my father…

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  • The Glass Castle's Somewhere Between Bad And Worse

    Somewhere Between Bad and Worse I'm sure you have been somewhere with a screaming kid and thought why are the parents letting their child scream. It comes to question on what makes a good parent? I think most of what makes a good parent a lot has to do with opinion instinct, values and what your beliefs which will change the the upbringing of a kid. I think that there is a lot of standards as a parent that most people can agree with and then there is a grey area that is usually the choice of the…

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  • Essay On Plato's Theory Of Recollection

    and, if that is so, it seems to be a sufficient proof that the soul of the dead must be somewhere whence they can come back again (Phaedo, 72a).” The theory of perpetual cycle of life and death is great proof of the immortality of the soul when you look at it the way Plato writes. The example he uses at 71d explains the theory perfectly. He writes that it is the same as sleeping and waking up. To be asleep you need to have been awake, and to be awake you need to have been dead. To be alive…

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