You Are Somewhere Here Analysis

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You Are Somewhere Here is a print that was completed in 2006 by Ken Fandell and Kaytie Johnson. This piece is located within the Peeler Art and was graciously donated to DePauw University by the artists. This piece can be described as eye catching due to its immense size and obvious contrast. The message behind the art and the statements it makes is very appealing both aesthetically and intellectually, as well. You Are Somewhere Here is first recognizable due to its vast surface area and color contrast, as previously stated. However, the finish and composition help distinguish it from other similar pieces, as well. When first approaching it, the piece seems to be a giant, flat print spanning from floor to ceiling and about stretches about twelve feet wide. Each side is roughly six feet wide. The piece itself was composed of vinyl and latex paint and is very reflective. The print on the left side is done in a black font with a white background. When analyzing the text, it …show more content…
The Upon analyzing the text between the right and left sides, it becomes apparent that the colored background signifies the transcendence into the opinion. The white is a transformation into a positive review, while the black is a process that ends with a negative opinion. The high contrast between black and white and the symbolism between the two was likely used in order to properly convey the transformation throughout the piece between positive and negative. Within literature, film, and culture black and white have notably been used to symbolize negative and positive, respectively. It can also be hypothesized that the size was factored in for this reason as well. The larger the size, the larger the

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