The Hate You Give By Angie Thomas Analysis

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My project consists of a PowerPoint with slides that contain images and text that visually represent “The Hate You Give” by Angie Thomas. These images include colors and symbols that allow the audience to see the meaning and purpose of the text. These images are also placed in a chronological order that allow the audience to experience danger, violence, power, unity, and corruption as the story unfolds. Overall, the author, Angie Thomas, wrote the story to present events from a perspective of a Black teenage girl to help see things through a different telescope. The second slide contains an image of the cover of the book. The front cover, to the right of the image, has a Black teenage girl standing behind a sign that says “THE HATE U GIVE”. This sign symbolizes the hate that blocks the young girl’s mouth, which hinders her from having a voice. This is symbolic in that Starr is silenced by her fear of retaliation from the police and Williamson Prep. The back cover, on the left side of the image, has a Black man without any facial features. In addition, the black shirt and background blend in which emphasizes the color of the man’s skin. The man’s stance also signifies that he is only seen as a thug, a gang member, and a drug dealer. These three elements, are …show more content…
The closed fist symbolizes the protests that Garden Heights united as one to make their voices heard. Furthermore, the broken lines in the written words “STOP POLICE BRUTALITY” symbolize the broken justice system. Along with this representation is the image in slide seven, which also represents the injustice and corruption of law enforcement. At a very early age, I, along with many others, were taught to trust law enforcement and to go to them for protection. Yes, police are supposed to uphold the law and serve and protect every citizen regardless of the color of our skin. However, this story allows us to “see” that that is not always the

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