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  • Marilyn Monroe: The Epitome Of Beauty

    endured an up and down start in her career. She had gained contracts and was dropped by both 20th Century Fox and Columbia Pictures. It was after these trials that Marilyn would meet Johnny Hyde on December 31st, 1948. Johnny would then dedicate himself to promoting Marilyn and her career. Johnny made a huge impact on Marilyn 's life. The biographer Fred Lawrence Guiles said that Hyde was responsible for launching her career. Marilyn had said that Johnny believed in her talents and that he listened to her when she talked, and he encouraged her. Biographer Maurice Zolotow said that a producer once told him that “ only one man was responsible for making her a star, and that was Johnny Hyde.” Marilyn and Johnny would live together and Johnny would fall deeply in love with her but she did not share the same feelings. Hyde would also be the one to change Marilyn 's look from cosmetic procedures, blonde hair and makeup to fancy clothes and ball gowns. He would also get her into politics and take her around all the right people and events in hollywood. Marilyn had stated that “Johnny inspired her to read good books, enjoy good music, and started her talking again.” Johnny Hyde would be relentless in asking Marilyn to marry him but she would turn him down every time. He knew that all she really wanted stardom and he worked to get her just that. Johnny was even able to get 20th Century Fox to take Marilyn back and sign a seven year contract with her. All the love a dedication he…

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  • Marilyn Monroe Positive Impact

    her career, and her impact in the 21st century. Norma Jeane Baker, who would later be known world-wide…

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  • Marilyn Monroe: A Tragic Hero

    Marilyn Monroe, one of the most famous actresses of the twentieth century, whose life was portrayed on the silver screen, was most know for being the first sex symbol in the 1950’s. Monroe made herself into the most iconic woman in history by promoting an on-screen style that seemed natural. Her American sweet heart face and sexy hourglass physique made her the ideal movie star. However, underneath her paragon image laid a insecure woman with a life filled with turmoil and physiological…

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  • Marilyn Monroe Informative Speech

    then enrolled in a three-month modeling course for a possible career. Because of her beauty and charm, lots of people along with herself, noticed she had the potential for having a career in films so she then headed to Hollywood. Once in Hollywood, her modeling career caught several people’s attention. By 1946 Marilyn had been on 33 magazine covers and was posing for top photographers. This also caught the attention of a 20th Century Fox executive named Ben Lyon. Marilyn did a screening with…

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  • Margaret Atwood's Marilyn Monroe: The Icon

    Marilyn Monroe: The Icon The bright lights of Hollywood attracted many star like moths, and perhaps the most influential and treasured of these stars are the young starlets of the twentieth century. Forever the icon and representative of these starlets is Marilyn Monroe. The subway grate drifted up Marilyn’s dress and she said the words, “ Isn’t it delicious?” shot Marilyn into stardom. Marilyn Monroe was and still is an iconic sex symbol known for “the shot seen around the world” (Stapinski…

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  • 20th Century Fox The Siege Essay

    When 20th Century Fox released The Siege in theaters in November 1998, protesters tested the thought of Middle Eastern villains motivated by their Islamic faith. During film production, Arab-American organizations criticized it for reinforcing U.S. stereotypes of Muslims and of Islam as a religion of terrorism. This film depicts a scene that would have never been expected only to have a devastating terrorist attack happen in NYC only three years later. I chose to analyze this movie because of…

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  • Analysis Of Mr. Clean Clean Cleaner Of Your Dreams Commercial

    Nine months ago the Mr. Clean | Cleaner of Your Dreams commercial aired and it was a sensation. It has a strong appeal to pathos and logos but not a strong support on the ethos end. The timing, or kairos, for the commercial also played a big role in how well it did. The commercial stars Mr. Clean and another woman who he begins to clean with around the house. As simple as that may sound there are many intricacies that make this commercial an effective advertisement for it’s product. The timing…

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  • Marilyn Monroe Biography

    taken her photo for a magazine which began her legacy. Following this, Norma divorced Dougherty and headed to Hollywood to further her career. In 1946, Norma changed her name to Marilyn Monroe- Marilyn after a famous actress, Marilyn Miller, and Monroe since it was her mother’s maiden name (Mann). Upon her arrival to Hollywood, she started a contract with Twentieth Century Fox for only one year. Norma did not appear in any films throughout her first year and her contract was not renewed. After a…

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  • Why Was Marilyn Monroe So Popular

    a photographer saw her working for the army building parachutes for the war. The photographer came over and asked if she would like to partake in this shoot for war advertisement. She felt awed and obliged. She loved the attention and wanted to take more photo shoots. She went back to the photographer and asked if there was anything else she could do with him, he said yes, and that is when her career started. Norma was on 33 magazine covers in a matter of weeks. She did modeling for a little…

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  • Why Was WW1: Why Was WWI Inevitable?

    Whether WWI Was in Fact Inevitable Some historians believe that WWI was the inevitable result of the evolution of global political and economic conflicts. However, others state that, if separately analyzing all the reasons caused WWI, no one of them was worthy enough for the countries to take the risk of the war. I personally agree with the first argument that WWI was in fact inevitable. Human’s physical production mode and social life changed dramatically before and after 20th century. From…

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