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  • Pc 211 Incident

    INTRODUCTION: The suspect used a handgun to forcefully take the victim's money, in violation of PC 211-Robbery Strong Arm. LOCATION DESCRIPTION: The incident occurred on the south sidewalk of Esther Street, outside of the Dance Studio located at 4 Esther Street. INJURIES: None LOSS: • Approximately $813.00 in US currency. • Stainless steel money clip, worth approximately $30.00. EVIDENCE: None INVESTIGATION: On 03-15-16 at approximately 2149 hours, Officer Saunders #7720 and I responded to southwest corner of Fair Oaks Avenue and Esther Street regarding a robbery investigation. The incident occurred on the south sidewalk of Esther Street outside of 4 Esther Street. Officer Calderon #2037 was first on scene and contacted Victim Stephen Todd Asbury at the above location. Upon our arrival, Officer Saunders and I contacted Asbury who told me the following information in summary: On 03-15-16 at approximately 2126 hours, Asbury was standing on the south side walk of Esther Street outside of the Dance Studio located at 4 Esther Street. Asbury saw two male Blacks walking toward him on the south sidewalk from Fair Oaks Avenue. One of the males asked Asbury for the time. Asbury reportedly gave him the time and then he (Asbury) saw the males walk west on Esther Street onto Fair Oaks Avenue and out of sight. Asbury described the male Black, who asked for the time with short hair and dark in complexion, NFD. Asbury was unable to describe the second male Black. At…

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  • Barn Burning Movie And Book Comparison

    A Whole New World A book and a film are two different works that people use to escape the real world. These works offer the audience an escape as well as an appeal to one’s desire. When reading a book, the reader gets every piece of detail and can see the mood and tone change within the author’s words, the reader gets to see the story the way they wanted it to happen. When watching a film, the audience see the book come to life from the director’s point of view which usually leaves the…

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  • Similarities Between The Dead And Araby

    In James Joyce’s stories “Araby” and “The Dead”, both main characters fight deep inner battles that drive them to feel alienated. Alienation is depicted through the stories in different forms, spanning from the depiction of weather to the description of a neighborhood. Both characters have different manners in handling their inner battle. In Araby, the unnamed character is filled with anguish and retreats into the darkness of his thoughts. On the other hand, Gabriel feels himself becoming one of…

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  • The Role Of The American Dream In Death Of A Salesman

    American Dream or American Nightmare? The American dream can be seen in many different ways, but they all revolve around the pursuit of prosperity and success. An American can achieve prosperity from a variety of jobs, hard work, and simple acts to achieve connections in society. The concept of the American dream commonly discusses how a man in the lowest walks of society can work his way up to a higher social class. This is possible in America but the way to achieve this is controversial.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Field Experience At Oasis

    Field Experience Sites This semester I was in Educ 2120 and Educ 2130. I had to complete 40 volunteer hours by the end of the semester. I started out at Oasis. Oasis is an afterschool tutoring center for children 3 years old to 3rd grade. Oasis’ purpose is "To build bridges of understanding, appreciation, and love among cultures, faith traditions, social statuses, and with God, fostering wholeness and holiness, thus bringing healing to people 's hearts and peace to their relationships." During…

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  • Frequency In 22nd-Century Japan

    Imagine living in a city where law enforcement and the legal system have been essentially automated. Law enforcement officers carry weapons connected to a computer network that analyzes each suspect they encounter and determine the culpability of that suspect. The weapon then quantifies their guilt--assigning a Crime Coefficient--and deploys the punishment deemed appropriate. No judge, no jury, only an objective computer system to handle all the dirty work of the legal system. Is this kind of…

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  • Comparison Of Christine In A Doll House

    Throughout the play A Doll House, Kristine Linde is the stronger woman when compared to Nora Helmer. Kristine is a practice and down to earth woman. She lives for others instead of herself. On the other hand, Nora is a naïve woman who lacks knowledge of the “real word.” She does not have any real responsibilities. The two woman are complete opposites throughout the play. They have experienced very different upbringings, which has also caused Kristine to be a stronger woman than Nora.…

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  • Comparing Story Of Kutsa And Tom's Awakening

    Kali Those Jaiminya Brahmana dated around those 8th century bc recounts those story about one Dirgha-jihvi. Dirgha-jihvi or ‘the long-tongued one’ used to lick dependent upon those divine drink, Soma, handled Throughout the yagna that might have been a significant part cherished eventually Tom's perusing those gods. Exasperated by her actions, Indra, ruler from those gods, needed with grab her, Anyhow he Might not get hold of her. Something like that he said, ‘Let nobody perform at whatever…

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  • The Seventeenth Century: The High Middle Ages

    Continuing, “The High Middle Ages” (1200-1400), the Gieses broke the era into two centuries; the 13th century was considered the “Golden Century, an era of affluence and growth” in contrast the 14th century of catastrophe and contraction (Gies 166). The 6th chapter is devoted to the High Middle Ages, the authors elaborate on the continuation of technological momentums that the Europeans experienced during this first century of this era. Another advancement that must be mentioned of is the…

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  • Hygiene Throughout History

    Over the next nearly a thousand years in Europe there is extremely reduced hygiene practices and rules. And the common people very rarely cared about general hygiene, years do not take a bath. So it was in the VI century, it was in the XIII century, it was at the end of the XVIII century BC! "Happy is your nose, do not smell the smell of Germans", - said at the end of the V century BC Gallo-Roman aristocracy Sidonius Apollinaris. The French philosopher Montaigne (XVI century) stated the fact…

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