3D modeling

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  • 3D Modeling Research Paper

    imagination closer to reality, the best example to reinstate this is, how 3D modeling has changed the presentation world of architecture designs. It's like pulling out the multi-dimensional images from your brain and painting them on a paper to see how it looks. The impact 3D modeling has, on presenting architectural services is the most transforming thing to have happened. Architecture and construction businesses started using 3D models on job sites and presentations of projects. 3D modeling is done by computers and machines through a long process. 3D modeling has been used in a lot of architecture presentations to help show and understand what the task at hand is. Imagine having a presentation of a house that is going to be constructed and seeing just pictures and bits and…

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  • Technology: The Invention Of 3D Printing

    due to desensitization. Inventions we consider essential and routine such as the radio or television caused an uprising when first introduced to the public in the 1900’s. For Americans living in the early 20th century, the invention of three dimensional (3D) printing would have certainly created havoc. Considering the fact that computers and technology leading up to 3D printing were still in the works, it would be surprising if people were not…

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  • Stress Analysis: Design Intent And 3-3D Modeling

    Abstract – There has been an exponential amount of advancements within the field of technology, many of which involve 3-D modeling. Although there have been many advancements within the field, there are still many requirements and topics to consider when designing using this technology. It is always necessary to look over and consider an initial design intent, the proper dimensional tolerance, and analyze the stress of the object intended to make sure it will work as intended. Index Terms –…

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  • 3D Printing Essay

    The only thing that limits us is our creativity. Well 3D printing allows just that! Invented by a man named Chuck Hall, 3D printing allows us to take a digital file from a computer and “print” a real life physical 3 dimensional object. So how does 3D printing work? A 3D printed object is built up one layer at a time from bottom-upwards by repeatedly printing over the same cross-sectional area. After that these layers are arranged on top of each other and as a result forming a solid 3…

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  • COMSOL Mmnim: An Introduction To FEM Analysis Of MEMS

    simulation or FEA.  Selection of physics-Choose the representative physics.  Geometry-Define the geometry on which, we want to work to solve the problem.  Properties- Set the “material properties” like material density, young’s modulus, possion’s ratio etc.  Boundary Conditions-Set the boundary conditions (for static or steady state problems)  Element selection-Choose an element type and size to mesh the geometry.  Solver selection-Choose a solver and solve for the unknowns.  Post…

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  • Physical Characteristics Of 3D Printers

    problem statement investigates the ability to connect a 3D printed model to the 3D printer used for its production. The main objective focused on identification of physical characteristics of the 3D printed model that are caused by a specific 3D printer parameter. Two 3D printers were utilized in this research. The first is a Printrbot 3D printer (model 1404) running Marlin Firmware (version: 1.0.0 bedlevel metal- simple). The software used to communicate with the Printrbot 3D printer is…

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  • 3d Printing Essay

    3D Printing and the Additive Manufacturing Process Additive manufacturing (AM) is a process where an object is created by adding layer-upon-layer of material. This basic process requires the use of a computer, CAD software, the material(s) and the appropriate machine to fabricate the end result. AM has been used in many applications. At first, it was used in Rapid Prototyping (RP). Today, AM is used to create end-products used in many different applications, from aerospace, automotive and…

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  • 3d Printing Case Study

    Introduction/Background -What is the nature of the product or technology? The nature of 3d printing is nearly any area you can think of applying it to. -What is its development history? Rapid prototyping came about in the late 1980s and early 1990s. ‘Rapid prototyping ‘paved the road for all the 3d printing companies out today. (Rapid prototyping created prototypes for a manufacturer to create a prototype of a product with plastics before executing their plans and mass producing them from…

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  • Dana Point Case Study

    monitor the geological hazards that exist along the coast. One relatively new way to monitor landscape changes over time is by the use of three-dimensional (3D) mapping. Long-term changes can be seen by…

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  • 3d Printing Research Paper

    “3D printing is an additive (layer-by-layer) manufacturing method that creates 3- dimensional objects using a printer from a digital file.”[1] It allowed manufacturing to use less tooling; to be more cost effective due to the reduced amount of raw material needed; and also to be able to manufacture complex shaped objects that traditional molding could not achieve.[2] However, 3D printing doesn’t only rely on one single technique. There are different types of techniques that would deliver the…

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