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  • 3-D Printer Essay

    technology has led to breakthroughs within the field of medicine. Old fashioned and impersonal prosthetics are slowly being replaced by custom, innovative replacements. The 3-D printer is an incredibly efficient tool that doctors have begun using to create personalized solutions for problems that the medical field previously had no solutions for. Johnson (2014) is among many who feel that 3-D printing is a disruptive technology that will revolutionize industries such as transplants and prosthetics in the coming decade. The invention of the 3-D printer came in 1984 (Salomon, 2012). Chuck Hull wanted to…

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  • Nt1110 Graphics Card

    Can scan in an old photograph. Output medium (L) –Printer There are different types of printers like the dot matrix printer, the ink jet printer and the laser jet printer and the colour laser jet printer. The dot matrix printer is a type of computer printer with a print head that prints by impact, by shaking an ink soaked ribbon against the paper just like an old typewriter. Cost -£50-£150 Low quality and noisy and print in black and white. Ink jet printer sprays dots of ink onto the paper…

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  • Technology: The Invention Of 3D Printing

    Human beings for as long as it could be recorded have basked in ideas that are able to produce inspiring and fearful and overall consuming emotions. The sense of fear and awe that descends upon us when in the face of daunting events or inventions has become less and less mystical and more of a routine due to desensitization. Inventions we consider essential and routine such as the radio or television caused an uprising when first introduced to the public in the 1900’s. For Americans living in…

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  • The History Of 3D Animation

    Animation is the process of making the vison of motion and the figment of change by different means such as, fast moving display of images that follow upon one another and that do only have small changes to them to form an animation. Animators are artists that specialize in the creation of animation. There are a few different creation methods in animation, Traditional animation, Stop-motion animation, Computer animation, 2D animation, 3D animation. Traditional animation (Cel Animation) - The…

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  • Digital Painting Advantages And Disadvantages

    1.0 Introduction: Digital Painting is a method of creating an art object (painting) digitally and/or a technique for making digital art in the computer. It adapts traditional painting mediums such as acrylic paint, oils, ink, watercolor, and so on. As a technique, it refers to a computer graphics software program that uses a virtual canvas and virtual painting box of brushes, colors and other supplies. The virtualbox contains many instruments that do not exist in the world, and which give a…

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  • Sociological Effects Of 3D Printing

    Psychological considerations and sociological effects of 3D Printing The use of 3D printers will bring about many changes, the biggest being in the manufacturing industry. While most discussions about 3D printing are in regards to its impact on manufacturing, one of the underlying topics that is overlooked is the impact that 3D printing will have on society. The biggest case against 3D printing is its ability to make weapons. In 2013, 3D printing made headlines in the U.S. when the printers…

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  • Risk Mitigation Plan

    groups to allow more clarity. The categories are as followed; Financial/Sales, Product, Labor, and Equipment. Financial/Sales 1. Cost The specific printer is the Stratasys Connex3 a multi-colored, multi-material, efficient, and simple, top of the line 3-D printer. The cost retails right around $330,000, as of 2015. This is a large investment for Spectrum to take on. Additionally we will need to keep printer ink cartridges fully stocked. This will add additional cost at the rate of…

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  • Physical Characteristics Of 3D Printers

    investigates the ability to connect a 3D printed model to the 3D printer used for its production. The main objective focused on identification of physical characteristics of the 3D printed model that are caused by a specific 3D printer parameter. Two 3D printers were utilized in this research. The first is a Printrbot 3D printer (model 1404) running Marlin Firmware (version: 1.0.0 bedlevel metal- simple). The software used to communicate with the Printrbot 3D printer is Repetier-Host…

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  • Evolution Of 3D Printing

    aid or hinder mankind in advancing to the next step in their evolutionary chain. The 21st century 's latest technology is the 3D printer, a device capable of redefining day to day lives by printing all of our needs. It is claimed 3D printing will be an absolute positive technology to benefit mankind, but we will soon encounter situations where uncontrolled, illegal substances…

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  • Anthropology Case Studies

    Case studies Many cases in the literature have utilized CT imaging to address bioarchaeological questions; however, predominately they focus on mummification studies, with only a few cases in reference to bone specifically. One such case was in the article Non-invasive Archaeology of Skeletal Material by CT scanning and Three-dimensional Reconstruction by Lynnerup et al. (1997). In this case the skeletal remains are of a very fragile and delicate 7000 year old ancient Sumerian skeleton that was…

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