Innate intelligence

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  • Ignorance And Failure In Plato's Allegory Of The Cave

    deaths of everyone would be absolutely horrific. Whereas some are convinced that ignorance is bliss for going through life and not knowing the trials ahead, others maintain that education furthers one’s life reading them for any trials or tribulations. During Plato’s experiment we hear talking from one of the participants who states, “ You have shown me a strange image, and they are strange prisoners” (Pg. 868: 4-5) Their senses recognize how prisoners look but done in the artificial setting, resulting in their innate senses subconsciously recognizing something is off when they see all the marionettes. Their claim is that their innate sense gives them the feeling of out of the ordinary reaction, as I believe so and upon the questionable assumption that people who are more educational still have a primordial sense to help them with their survival instincts on the street or even going into nature. I say this comment does side with ignorance is not bliss in the fact that as innate sense tell us to a degree what is acceptable for us as what is wrong for us. Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” experiment is extremely useful because it sheds insight on the difficult problem of ignorance being not blissful since as the prisoner is set free they acknowledge the fact of the artificial process of the cave, but decides to help the other prisoners educate themselves on the situation to therefore learn about the experience and grow from it. “He will require to grow accustomed to the sight of…

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  • Mindset Analysis

    views on their own intelligence emerges. Youth who believe their intelligence is innate tend to fail, as academic classes become more challenging over the years. In comparison, those youth who believe their abilities can grow can see an improvement in grades. Their attitudes…

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  • Dweck's In The Mindset, Ph. D.

    Ph.D. strongly discusses two kinds of mindsets which directly impact children developments. Fixed mindset parents praise on children’s intelligence and innate talents, and they want no error from their kids. In contrast, growth mindset parents praise the efforts and guide through failures. With all due respect, demanding and dictatorial parenting don’t work. Let’s open the new ways of communication…

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  • Spearman's Multiple Intelligence Theory

    notion of intelligence has attracted scholars and educators. The traditional conception of intelligence rests largely upon a monolithic, static view of intelligence. Spearman (1904) made the first theoretical attempt to describe intelligence proposing his g model (g for general) .This theoretical model was the outcome of the measurement of psychological abilities. He believed in the existence of a “common underlying ability or force serving as the basis for all our mental/intellectual…

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  • Importance Of Multiple Intelligence

    Education today focuses on individualized education and learner autonomy. Students are supposed to be responsible for their own learning and should be made aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Intelligence has traditionally been measured by using I.Q. tests but those testsare only measure one type of intelligence. I.Q. tests are not an entirely accurate way to determine who are intelligent and who are not. Therefore the multiple intelligence theory is very important to modern education…

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  • Humanity In Isaac Asimov's 'Robot Dreams'

    Throughout all events in history and through all decades of art and literature, one thing has been made abundantly clear: Humans do not enjoy oppression. Humanity is consistent in its innate desire to fight any oppressive leader or social behavior that infringes on their rights as an individual. Whether it be through social and political movements or war, humankind has shown that what every individual wants - above all else - is freedom. They crave the freedom to live as they choose, protecting…

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  • Effects Of Mindset On Self Development

    An individual with a fixed mindset gains comfort from doing things they’re already good at and wants to be perfect right away. They believe all ability is natural and gained from birth. They believe their abilities can’t change and that genes define intelligence. Consequently, an individual with a fixed mindset often doesn 't answer questions or take chances. Conversely, the growth mindset is the belief that one 's abilities can grow through hard work and effort. An individual with a…

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  • Emotional Intelligence: Improving Self-Esteem

    Every day, people are faced with a multitude of emotions; how these emotions are processed to make decisions is based on Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is defined as the ability to recognize emotions in different people and environments in order to make informed decisions on how to properly communicate with others (Wood 191). Furthermore, EQ is broken down into five categories: 1.Self-Awareness, 2. Self-Regulation, 3. Motivation, 4. Empathy and 5. Social Skills (PBS). In…

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  • Mainstream Psychology

    A form of intelligence testing is used at the end of primary school is used to determine whether or not the child will progress to a grammar school or a state school. Parents from working class backgrounds are less likely to be able to afford a tutor for their child outside of school. In this respect, children from middle to upper class backgrounds have an advantage. This is demonstrated in the number of lower class children (indicated by eligibility for free schools meals) at just 32% attending…

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  • Mindset In Education

    (Dweck, 2012, p. 7 and Hymer and Gershon, 2014, p. 8) The learner with a growth mindset believes ‘success is about stretching themselves; it is about becoming smarter’ and they do not link or relate performance as being an ‘innate gift or an effortless success.’ (Dweck, 2012, p. 16-17 and Hymer and Gershon, 2014, p.9) A learner with a growth mindset will have the ability to see the value in the challenge in tasks as well as have the ability to accept if there may be a change to enable them to…

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