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  • Critical Urban Theory: Unemploying Blacks In The Inner City

    College,2014) This essay will examine the role that theory plays when it comes to employing Blacks in the Inner city. According to Caroline May an author of Brett Bart newsletter stated “While the economy added jobs and the national unemployment rate was relatively unchanged, the African American unemployment rate remained more than twice as high as the white unemployment rate and nearly double the national unemployment rate, according to Labor Department data released Friday”. (May, 2016) When it comes to blacks being unemployed in the Inner City, theory guides the perspective of many researchers that research this topic. it molds ones’ frame of mind and help them determine a meaningful outcome that would benefit their…

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  • A Poor Ideal Analysis

    The image of inner cities across America is often seen under a negative light that conveys a message of poor ideals. In reality, people living in inner cities share the same values and goals of the larger society. To achieve upward mobility, to gain stability, to gain respect, and to contribute to society are all ideals that traverse class and geography. However the methods by which these ideals are achieved can vary greatly. The behavior of inner city residents reflects their reality. The…

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  • Atlanta Food Bank Observation Report

    meals. We were able to prepare donations for distribution to over 600 non-profit agencies in metro Atlanta and North Georgia area. I worked together with other volunteers in order to sort, inspect and pack quality groceries. Being part of the community I believe that is is essential for one to become more aware of how serious the food issue is in Atlanta inner cities. I have a better thankfulness of everyone who is involved with the Atlanta food bank because they…

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  • Fist Stick Knife And Gun Summary

    Canada states that you “cannot save children, and you cannot save families, without saving communities” (Canada, 1995). On the ground all-encompassing programs is what is having the biggest impact. He is responsible for success in achieving this, by first understanding what is needed to accomplish this. Communities need to be active, they need to come out their homes and communicate with each other, to better establish common goals and trust. Understanding, that kids need a safe place to go and…

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  • Essay On Inner City Gangs

    The inner city youth of America is recently being faced with immense adversity, experts estimate that every day thousands of teens in inner city areas are being recruited to join neighborhood or city wide gangs. I am calling on the members of the Rich People of America to help resolve some of the main issues that involve teenage gang related activity. According to around eighty-five percent of male juveniles in detention facilities are there for gang related activities. The…

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  • Inner City Schools Unjust

    In America the inner city school system is very poor compared to the urban school system. Inner city schools are unjust because the class sizes are too big, they lack funding, and lack support for special education programs such as 504’s and IEP’s. The class sizes of inner city schools are overpopulated and crowded. Many classes in inner city schools are crowded, specifically at Miles D Elementary in Chicago. Miles Davis Elementary is an magnet elementary school in Chicago Illinois where, “8%…

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  • Inner City Poverty Summary

    The Struggles of Inner-Cities and Its Relationship with Crime In the video “Inner-City Poverty”, Ross Eisenbrey and Michael Tanner have a round table discussion about the role of government in combating inner-city poverty in communities. Although several points were made during the discussion, it can mainly be summed up by two main points. The first point speaks on poverty in the inner-cities caused by a history of segregation. In the discussion, Ross Eisenbrey explains that in the 1920’s,…

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  • Inner City Poverty Analysis

    Michael B. Teitz and Karen Chapple, both of the University of California, Berkeley conducted a research and came up with eight hypotheses of the causes of poverty. The eight hypotheses are: 1. Inner-city poverty is a result of profound structural economic shifts that have eroded the competitive position of the central cities in the industrial sectors that historically provided employment for the working poor, especially minorities. Thus, demand for their labor has declined disastrously. 2.…

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  • Inner City Violent Crimes Essay

    We are living out a critical period of our history as a society. A period of which there are debates that result from several differences of thought, opinion, and belief, as to the root cause of the various ills we face, in particular, the rise of “inner-city violent crimes.” It is my contention, that what we are experiencing are the fruits from the seeds of slavery that was introduced to this country almost six hundred years ago. Yes, it may be hard to think that the sins our nation…

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  • Summary: Drug Trade In Inner City

    In inner city Detroit, the drug trade runs everything. From family dynamics, to source of income, to education, participation in the drug trade is a deep seated practice ingrained in the lives of many African American adolescents. In Luke Bergmann’s ethnography, Getting Ghost: Two Young Lives and the Struggle for the Soul of an American City, Bergmann describes his experience, following the lives of two teenagers and their families engaging the social institution of drug dealing. Dealing is…

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