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  • Inquisition Vs Reformation

    flawed Philosophy and distorted logic that was filled with much bloodshed. On the other hand, the Inquisition is usually portrayed as an evil and secretive organization that tortured to get people to get confessions out of them, then burned them at the stake, but if you look closer at this as well, you can…

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  • The Marxist Views Of Bertolt Brecht's View Of Galileo Galilei

    Kofi Annan, a Ghanaian diplomat, said, “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” Galileo Galilei’s life was a battle against the Catholic church because he was seeking to prove an idea that was against their teachings. After years of research, Galileo came to the conclusion that the Earth revolved around the Sun. To the church, the Earth and the Pope were the center of the universe because they were made by God…

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  • The Supreme Sacred Congregation Of The Roman And Universal Acquisition Case Study

    The Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition, established in fifteen-forty-two by Pope Paul III (the pontifical incumbent who was also responsible for the authorization of the Jesuit Order), was the primary institution to maintain and implement Papal bulls, in addition to their function of administering legalistic ramifications upon deviants of Catholic orthodoxy within the Papal States, and ostensibly exhibiting proper procedure to Catholic states in the process of…

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  • How Did The Scientific Revolution Influence Western Civilization

    History has affected the way all of us are living our lives right now to this day. It has led to new concepts that people have adopted, new technology, and new ideas that have evolved throughout time. Early modern Europe and the scientific revolution have contributed to the development of these conditions. Events that support these conditions are the Inquisition and Galileo, Thomas Hobbes and his theory of the state of nature, and art from artists like Vermeer. Each of the previously mentioned…

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  • Religious Persecution In Medieval Europe

    Protestant Reformation. Thus, a strong precedent had been set that led to religious authorities predictably declaring condonations of persecution against any diversions from religious orthodoxy. Responses to heresies were expectedly similar in nature to persecutions towards Jews, though fairly more organized and in larger effort. The Catholic Church issued the Medieval Inquisition as well as several crusades against heretics to seize property and overall drive out heresy from Europe, the…

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  • Venus With Her Mirror Analysis

    contrapposto style. At face value, this image appears to have no religious connotations other than what can be inferred from the colors of the cloth and the presence of the putto. There are no outright religious symbols in this painting. Additionally, the main figure is nude. Based on this knowledge, it can be inferred that, given the time period, Velazquez likely endured criticism from the Roman Inquisition. This piece features no emphasis on the morals, teachings, or iconography of the…

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  • Religious Hypocrisy In Voltaire's Candide

    Enlightenment period, when Europeans began to evaluate the consequences of oppression caused by the Roman Catholic Church. Among these Europeans was a rebellious intellectual, Voltaire, who openly criticized the religious system in his literature. An example of his work is “Candide,” a story that portrays characters who hold positions in the church as immoral and disreputable. Through the use of religious antagonists in “Candide,” Voltaire reveals the hypocritical character of those who follow…

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  • Heliocentric Theory Of Astronomy

    It was a warm June day in Rome. Francesco Niccolini, a Tuscan ambassador, and Galileo Galilei, an aging mathematician, sat in the Villa Medici awaiting their call to the Holy Office. It had been months since the beginning of his trial with the Roman Inquisition and Galileo was ready to be finished with the ordeal. He had been ill since the first session of his interrogation back in April and his condition had continued to worsen. Niccolini had already been informed of the old man’s sentence,…

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  • Summary: The Corruption Of The Catholic Church?

    Those monsters. Those hypocrites. Those ungodly, corrupt, monstrous hypocrites. I had a town. I had a congregation. I had a community. They took that all away. The Inquisition massacred my town. What does massacring innocents show about the Catholic Church? Does it show that they are moral? Certainly not. Does it counter the accusations of corruption rife throughout the church? Not but in forever silencing the voices of the accusers. I am a servant of God. That fact will never change. I may have…

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  • Essay On Spanish Inquisition

    The obscured Spanish inquisition took place from the years of 1478 through 1834. Isabella I of Castile and Fernando II of Aragon established this rule to overthrow the previous Medieval Inquisition. In connection of overthrowing the Medieval inquisition, the current Monarchs Isabella I and Ferdinand II of Aragon became suspicious of the Crypto-Jews. Crypto Jews were Jews who "converted" to Catholicism but were secrectly practicing Judaism. Not only was this inquisition intended to overthrow the…

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