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  • Sociological Effects Of 3D Printing

    Psychological considerations and sociological effects of 3D Printing The use of 3D printers will bring about many changes, the biggest being in the manufacturing industry. While most discussions about 3D printing are in regards to its impact on manufacturing, one of the underlying topics that is overlooked is the impact that 3D printing will have on society. The biggest case against 3D printing is its ability to make weapons. In 2013, 3D printing made headlines in the U.S. when the printers were successfully able to replicate working guns. There was outcry from the public, especially organizations that want stricter gun laws such as the “Women Against Gun Violence” and “Parents Against Gun Violence”. Some politicians showed concern on how…

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  • The Impact Of Indian Manufacturing In India

    When some people think of manufacturing in India, they imagine people working in crowded wooden huts, building largely outdated products, and lacking any sort of technological aid. However, what many fail to realize, is that this idea of Indian manufacturing is as outdated as India 's near century old labor laws. Indian manufacturing has progressed immensely in recent years. Even with India being projected to become a major worldwide manufacturing power by 2025, some still believe that the…

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  • Caterpillar: Remanufacturing A Win-Win Situation

    production steps needed for the second life of a product are fewer, therefore the energy consumption drops dramatically, cutting production costs. (Bernard, 2011 αλλα από sustain 1). A famous case of successful remanufacturing practices is Caterpillar. Caterpillar with its “CAT ReMan” has succeed in remanufacturing with over two millions of used components (cores) returned in 2010, 134 lbs of materials that are remanufactured or recycled each year and preservation of about 85% of original energy…

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  • Explain The Developmental Phases For American Cities

    roads and interstates impacted the growth of American cities. Include a discussion of metropolitan sprawl, the Fordist suburb, (p. 77-78) During the 1920s, the commercial development of the internal combustion engine unleashed social, economic, and political forces that granted physical shape to the transitioning contemporary metropolis. Various methods of transportation—cars, trucks, and airplanes—along with electricity, assisted in recasting the imprint of urbanization. This resulted in the…

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  • Procter And Gamble Case Study

    Generally the higher the production output of the firm, the lower the unit cost of their product will be. Besides output volume, the speed of production will determine the lead time from manufacture to delivery. High productivity will enable manufacturing firms to achieve shorter production cycles which equates to better competitiveness in their respective markets. Capacity management will determine how efficient the manufacturer will be in producing its goods. Over capacity will result in…

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  • Relationship Between Cultural And Legal Foundations Of Ethical Behavior

    (PG 423) • Strategy of International Business. • Industry Structure: interdependent relation among suppliers of inputs, buyers of outputs, substitute products, potential new entrants, rivalry among competing firms. (PG 440) o Suppliers of inputs: EDA Industry mainly depends on inputs from three main suppliers – Mentor Graphics, Synopsys and Cadence Design Systems. o Buyers of outputs: Hi-Tech electronics development and manufacturing industry, PCB and semi-conductor manufacturers, aircraft…

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  • Laser Tube Cutter Case Summary

    Therefore, making the likelihood of rehiring the same number of the late laid off representatives stay among the highest point of PSF's needs. In 2004, the enterprise started to turn around resulting in a 2004 sales forecast of $10 million for PSF. Industry analysis expected that the enterprise will keep growing in demand, giving PSF’s control crew a sigh of relief. According to PSF’s senior board member’s ideals, the agreement furnishings industry become ruled by four most important groups:…

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  • Swot Analysis: SWOT Analysis For Intel And AMD

    6. SWOT ANALYSIS 6.1. SWOT Analysis for Intel and AMD Analysis Company Intel i. Strong Brand Reputation • Largest semiconductor-making company (Ullah & Salam n.d.), 107,600 employees worldwide under the company (Intel n.d.). • Has largest number of global technology corporations and huge annual profits. The year 2013 net revenue of the company was $52.7 billion (Intel n.d.). • Initially famous for engineers and technologists, but known as Pentium processors after the launching of ‘Intel…

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  • Key Process Of Samsung Electronics

    global emphasis on this issue gathers momentum. Therefore, product development has been driven to achieve componentry that contains recyclable and environmentally safe manufacturing. The Galaxy Young 2 contains bioplastic components that are produced with a mix of recycled plastic, normal plastic and resins, produced from natural sources. Furthermore, the combination of environmentally friendly packaging enables a lower carbon footprint and production savings (Samsung 2015a, p.107). The…

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  • Tayloristic Division Of Labour

    Mass service sector organisations use features of ‘classic’ Taylorism in a similar ways to the manufacturing industry. These sectors operate on a similar mass production system based on standardisation, routinisation, control and fragmentation of tasks which are all a part of the Taylorist division of labour (Edgell 2012). The effects of Tayloristic division of labour in the expanding mass service sector were noticed by Ritzer (1996) with McDonalds, which have applied mass production system…

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