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  • The Benefits Of Radiation Therapy

    Many side effects can occur at the side of the cancer treatment but the most noticeable side effect is a rash. Rashes that occur from the treatment can appear in two ways: like acne or like measles. The types of rashes that occur from the treatment a normally a mild or moderate rash but sometimes patients experience a severe rash that can affect their day-to-day life. A patient can also experience dry and itchy skin as a side effect of their treatment, which is also known as pruritus. Pruritus is usually cleared up by some type of skin cream. Many cancer patients are affected by rashes and pruritus during their experience with radiation therapy. According to Cancer Research, the area that was treated may look permanently tanned and could appear to have tiny broken veins in that area (4). Patients that are effected by pruritus or skin rashes have to be very gentle with their skin. If the treated area has pruritus the patient should not wear tight or rough…

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  • Scarlet Fever Research Paper

    infectious bacterial disease affecting mostly children, and causing fever and a rash. It is caused by streptococci. Scarlet fever is one of those diseases that put fear into everyone's eyes when they heard someone around them had contracted it. The scarlet fever was first discovered in the 1600s by an english physician and researcher named Thomas Sydenham. Thomas had many other contributions like the treatment of smallpox. He was the only one who noticed the scarlet fever as a separate disease…

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  • Treating Shingles Essay

    Shingles is a painful condition characterized by a skin rash caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox - the varicella zoster. It is also known as Herpes Zoster. Your first exposure of this virus usually as a child leads to the disease popular to all of us, chickenpox. It causes itchy and painful sores spread all over the body. After one acquires and recovers from chickenpox, the virus stays in the body and remains dormant there for years. For many people it can stay dormant forever.…

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  • Jeomerial Case Study

    REPORTER: The reporter/paternal grandmother (Mrs. Johnson) called with concerns for the victims, Daysha, Jasmine, and Jemerial. According to the reporter, the house is roach infested. There are roaches and maggots in the sink, roaches in the microwave and refrigerator, and mold, roaches, and dishes piled up in the garage. A couple of months ago, the reporter saw Jasmine, and she had a rash on her wrist and it looked like someone had burned half of her wrist off (around her fingers). Also, the…

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  • Erythema Multiforme Research Paper

    the center. The rash begins…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Charecterial Illness

    Only that chicken pox is a rash that consists of red bumps, blisters, and scabs. In my case, I did not have that. This bright red blotchy rash was something different. It was something I've never seen before. It wasn't like any sunburn. These red spots that covered me from head to toe was something else. With hesitation, I shakingly brushed my right hand across my entire left arm. It felt as if I was touching sandpaper. In that event, I glanced at the mirror again and started to touch my face. I…

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  • Chicken Pox Essay

    be competent to describe the condition and prescribe the appropriate medical attention to an infected individual. Myths and misconceptions will be identified and discussed as well. The reason I chose chicken pox as my disease, is because it can be a fun topic to present. Furthermore, there are things that I was not aware of, about chicken pox. While I inform the student body about what chicken pox is, I will also be learning myself. This virus is not just a breakout or a rash, but it is a danger…

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  • Analysis Of Serena, By Ron Rash

    by the righteous wholistic man and the greedy man, but the idealism held by society during that time made the righteous into the wrong. In the book Serena, written by Ron Rash, that natural standard is thrown aside, as gender roles, religious roles, and the roles of people…

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  • Rash Essay On Teamwork

    The hardships of life can be cruel and unforgiving for the average individual. Sickness, depression, and anger swarm the lives of every human being while some have it better than others. However, the unity of those people can be beneficial for themselves and also the world. Teamwork is a major theme within the book Rash. Bo Marsten, the narrator and protagonist of the book, says that “one thing about being part of a team: … --every little detail becomes important because if one little thing…

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  • The Rash And Regret Of Hercules

    The Rash and Regret of Hercules When people know nothing they are easily scared. The early Greeks were unaware of many things in their lives so, they made stories to cope with the inability to comprehend the world around them. The Greeks were a mischievous people who made many mistakes and one man in the strange Greek stories is the perfect embodiment of this quality. One of these stories was about a very strong man named Hercules, Edith Hamilton wrote about his story in her book Mythology.…

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