Supply chain management terms

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  • Procter And Gamble Case Study

    Generally the higher the production output of the firm, the lower the unit cost of their product will be. Besides output volume, the speed of production will determine the lead time from manufacture to delivery. High productivity will enable manufacturing firms to achieve shorter production cycles which equates to better competitiveness in their respective markets. Capacity management will determine how efficient the manufacturer will be in producing its goods. Over capacity will result in increased wastage and costs while under capacity will see the firm lose certain profits that it should gain. Thus manufacturers needs to carefully consider the type and amount of capacity needed for its production when doing its supply chain…

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  • Characteristics Of Ethical Procurement

    The concept advocates for the provision of legal contracts or terms among the employees or suppliers that facilitate the buying process within an environment. Therefore, business organizations should make recognized employment relationships. The relationships entail the provision of a particular clarity regarding wages and the duration of the contract offered by the organization. An ethical procurement advocates for the improvement of the health and the safety of the buyers and other…

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  • The Needs And Importance Of Customer Supply Chain Management

    Customer supply chain management is defined as the process of products and services flow from suppliers to retailers and finally to customers. It is also a process for information flow in both directions backwards and forward through the supply chain between all parties from consumers to suppliers which enable the replenishment of current product range or the newly developed ones required to meet the demands of the changing market. In TSC, the functions of supply chain unit are to plan, execute…

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  • Market Orientation In Supply Chain Management

    The Supply chain is described as a network of different companies producing, handling or distributing product. The supply chain comprises all the stages to get goods and services from the supplier to the customer. Mentzer and Gundlach (2010) elaborate by stating that given the significance of supply chain activities to the firm as a whole, it stands to reason that the supply chain cannot be managed effectively in isolation. Supply Chain Management needs to be considered in nearly all elements of…

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  • Advantages And Cons Of The Error In Supply Chain Management

    consumers by managing the activities from where the good is created to the point it is used. • SCM is a broader term, as its aims are much bigger than logistics. Logistics require the activities of a single firm whereas SCM is work done by number of organizations in order to achieve their respected goals. • The aim of Logistics is to satisfy its consumers whereas SCM works to gain competitive advantage among other firms. According to Stock & Lambert (2001) SCM “is the integration of key…

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  • Strategic Analysis Of Dell's Supply Chain Strategy

    Dell is a well known PC developing corporation that develops, sells, repairs and supports PC’s and PC related tasks. Dell computers are ranked number two in computer system companies worldwide, as it was one of the first major companies to move their sales channel onto the Internet. This essay will be divided into five parts looking at Dell’s own supply chain, the types of products Dell produces, the integration throughout Dell’s managerial levels, Dell’s collaborative planning strategies and…

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  • Theories And Techniques Of Toyota

    Theories and Techniques Just in time is usually a management philosophy that originated from Japan, it aims at cutting down the cost through reducing the amount of materials and goods that an organization holds in its stores and warehouses. This technique involve producing and delivering goods just in time to be sold, assembling partly finished goods into finished goods just in time, assembling parts just in time to partly finished goods and assembling materials just in time which are made into…

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  • Product Id And Purchasing Unit 2

    produce and seafood. One successful practice is to have a prime vendor that you purchase most of your product from. You should have a prime vendor for each category of product you purchase including dry goods, meats, produce, and seafood. By having a prime vendor, you can build a long term relationship that is beneficial to you and your vendor. Buying most of your product from your prime vendor allows you to qualify for volume discounts. When choosing a vendor, you should try to create a…

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  • What Is The Role Of Negotiation In Supply Chain Management

    Purchasing and material management have evolved over the years and there are many roles we play as supply chain managers. One of your roles as a supply chain managers be the ability to negotiate. Accounting to Monzcka (p. 480) “we define negotiation as a process of formal communication, either face-to-face or via electronic means, where two or more people, groups or organizations come together to seek mutual agreement about an issue or issues”. Negotiation is a skill that takes some time to…

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  • William Walker's Five APICS Principles Of Supply Chain Management

    In William Walker’s book Supply chain architecture: a blueprint for networking the flow of material, information, and cash (2016), supply chain architecture provides the understanding, direction, and tools to apply the five APICS Principles of Supply Chain Management - Velocity, Variability, Vocalize, Visualize, and Value - to improve a company 's supply chain network competitiveness. According to Roy, Anciaux, Monteiro and Ouzizi (2004), the supply chain is viewed as a set of tiers…

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