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  • The Impact Of Lean Manufacturing In India

    The “Make in India” campaign launched recently by the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is aimed at making India a manufacturing hub and thereby bringing about economic transformation in the country. One of the major objectives of the vision is to make the manufacturing sector contribute to about 22% of the GDP by 2022, going up from the dismal 12.89% in 2013. Going by the 2013 Deloitte Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index, China is ranked 1, while India is ranked fourth having fallen from its 2010 rank of 2. The fact that Mangalyaan (India’s Mars Orbiter Mission) used predominantly indigenously manufactured components is a positive sign for the manufacturing sector, but India still has a long way to go to match China’s manufacturing sector contributing 30% to its GDP. One of the best tried-and-tested mechanisms that might be effective in pushing the Indian manufacturing sector forward is the proper implementation of lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing is a relentless process of delivering what the client needs, when they need it, at a value they are ready to pay while utilizing the minimum measure of assets. The central thought behind lean is minimizing waste, hence creating more value for customers with fewer resources. The concept of lean manufacturing (LM) was originated at Toyota plant, Japan after the Second World War as a…

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  • Lean Manufacturing Case Study

    After reading the article International transference of lean production systems by Reynold Peter James we have Known that the Lean production process is more than three decades old and is generally practiced for reduction of waste management and quality management. Toyota started using lean production process in 1950s to Toyota Production System was established on ideas intended to expand stream, dispose of waste of all types, and it acquired an incredible change organization by getting…

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  • Lean Manufacturing Case Study

    Why Should U.S. Companies Invest in Lean Manufacturing? In today’s global market there is an increased need for companies to be able to compete with one another more proficiently. United States manufacturing companies have learned the hard way that it is difficult to compete with manufacturing firms from other countries. Overseas manufacturing firms have traditionally lacked the capital to compete with their United States counterparts in terms of scale, but have nonetheless been capable of…

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  • The Lean Manufacturing: The Philosophy Of Lean Manufacturing

    Today’s global market demands new manufacturing strategies in order to improve the firm’s efficiency and production. In order to overcome the modern day challenges manufacturing firms are taking in to account the management tools and techniques in different forms and names. The most widely accepted and adopted management tool is the lean manufacturing system. It is considered as the best manufacturing practice across countries and industries because of its global superiority in cost, quality,…

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  • Literature Analysis Of Lean Six Sigma

    Fig. 1.1 Time line of lean six sigma 1.2 Literature Review: A lot of existing literature review articles are accessible on the standalone ways of lean methodology and Six Sigma methodology, however accessibility in the coordinated structure is in rare supply. Still a few endeavors have been made by the researchers in the past to arrange and recreate the current situation of LSS. Assarlind et al.[8]studied about the literature analysis of multi faceted view on LSS application. . They also…

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  • The Naval Aviation Enterprise Case Study Summary

    The manufacturing firm situated in Japan is a batch producer of products with a world class quality where their operations were fundamentally different from the final stage assembly line. They had reached a point where they had no additional capacity to meet the rising demand. To overcome this inefficiency and to satisfy the growing demand, Dr. Youngman and his team implemented the Theory of Constraints approach into the organization. They used a production simulator among all management units…

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  • Case Study Applied Medical

    With the company 's manufacturing facilities located in a high labor costs area, it is essential to improve efficiencies in the production methods to reduce manufacturing costs. The company 's operating margin declined from 54% in 2006 to 11.7% in 2010 coinciding with a revenue expansion of almost 300% ("Securities", 2011). Applied Medical 's competitors operating margins are almost double of the one posted by Applied during the 2010 reporting period ("Profitability", n.d.). Higher margins would…

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  • Case Study Of Toyota

    (7a): What challenge does Toyota face? The market for automobiles is mature and the intensity of rivalry is only going to increase as the industry continues to age. Therefore to be successful in the auto industry, a company must focus on a variety of changing factors or challenges that continue to include demographic, geographic, and technological factors. Another challenge could be the furtherexpansion of its lean low cost manufacturing process. Looking at demographic factors, age is…

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  • Transformation Case Study

    The reason case study spans a long time period is that Ariens undergoes a large amount of transformation in many aspects, including the alternation of management which involves the time-consuming establishment of lean methods, upgrading old leadership with newer ones, and relevant changes in the area of strategy and finance. In this specific case, “transformation” means reconstructing management or enterprise changes, establishing new communication channels, and combining both rigidity and…

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  • Ecomagination Case Study

    [8] Ecomagination program targets society and business challenges such as depletion of known oil and gas reserves, lack of clean water availability, new demand on natural resources, infrastructure and access to energy in emerging and rapidly growing economies. Ecomagination puts into practice GE’s belief that financial and environmental performance can be integrated to accelerate profitable growth for the company as well as serve the society. Eric Ortman, Supply Chain Executive with GE Oil…

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