Supply chain network

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  • Bargaining Power Of Buyers Case Study

    bargaining power of buyers. These buyers do not just represent the end user consumer who purchases a PC, laptop computer, or other computer accessory, but represent the buyers all along the entire supply chain from concept and research and development to manufacturing, customization, packaging, transportation, sales, and delivery and in some cases, after the sale customer service. Their overall buying power as a group is considered to be high, and likely just higher than that of the suppliers, who have a good bit of sway over prices and supply logistics, but need buyers to stay in business. Powerful buyers purchase a majority or large portion of a supplier’s (or group of suppliers) products. They are also usually a minority group with major financial leverage, including the ability to buy or take over a supplier or another competing buyer’s firm. Conversely, buyers with weak positions or little bargaining power are likely part of a large pool or flooded segment of buyers who do not have the individual financial capital to switch to alternate producers and are even vulnerable to clever suppliers and other stronger buyers acquiring their firms in a bid to increase their buying power, supplier power or…

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  • Ikea Distribution Case Study

    The aim is to increase the transportation to 40 percent by rail in the coming years within Europe. All the cargo companies working with IKEA are requested to provide statistics for the environmental Performance sheet, in order to show their impact on the environment. This allows IKEA to check up on the companies’ environmental work and see what actions they take and introduce to reduce fuel and minimise emissions. The deliver function, sometimes also described, as distribution management is…

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  • Port Operations Case Study

    to use terminals as places for cheap storage of consignments. This change in the functional use of terminals implied that high dwell times at container yards were no longer an indication of a poor connectivity, low productivity and lack of synchronisation between maritime operations and land transport. It represents a divergence from conventional port productivity measures”. Additionally, Notteboom and Rodrigue (2008) shared the same sentiments, they were of the opinion that, “high containerised…

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  • Avon Marketing Case Study

    of its operations (Daniels et al., 2011, p. 635). Global Manufacturing & Supply Chain Network Avon’s existing supply chain IT system is inadequate, creating a poor integration among its country-based entrepreneurial models of operation. Swapping the company’s process-driven system to a systems-driven one, restructuring inefficient supply chains by using fewer suppliers, utilizing local sources, and engaging in supplier partnerships and group effort can reduce manufacturing costs, increase…

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  • Crafton Industries Case Study

    Crafton considered as small industry player in the market with sales of $75 million in 2010, now currently, Crafton supplies its products through 7 flooring wholesalers; those seven wholesalers have the network of 4000 retailers. what leads the company to explore the possibility of developing their own direct distribution channel is the changes in the floorcoverings industry. Crafton has caught in a quandary either they should modify their distribution channel considering intensifying price…

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  • Liner Shipping Case Study

    An acquisition occurs when a buying company obtains more than 50% ownership in a target company. Mergers and acquisitions are usually done to expand a company’s reach, expand into new segments, or gain market share. All of these are done to please shareholders and create extra value for the company. The economic rationality for mergers and acquisitions is rooted in the objective to size, growth, economies of scale, market share and market power. Other motives for mergers and acquisitions in…

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  • Analysis Of Coca-Cola's Anti-Bribery Policy

    This would give it a high competitive advantage over its competitors. Being a global franchise leader, Coca-Cola Company can utilize this opportunity to further expand and build its supply chain network. Additionally, the company has a greater potential for increasing its market share so as to occupy the share of the market currently occupied by its competitors. By doing so, Coca-Cola would be having more competitive advantages than its main competitors. In today’s scenario, Customer is the king…

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  • Supply Chain Change Management

    This paper will address Change Management within the Supply Chain Management Industry, focusing on points such as; issues, management styles, career path, changes over the past decade, and…

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  • Industry Partial Survey

    An Industry Partial Survey of Operations Management Supply Chain and Logistics Issues Thomas College – Class MG 338 M Professor – Dr. Nicholas Jewczyn, Ph.D. Stanley Carte Tuesday November 25, 2014 Abstract The purpose of this paper is to better understand the writings on Six Sigma and supply chain management as it applies to operation management. A closer look will be taken at buying centers, reverse logistics and third party systems and how they effectively affect supply chain management.…

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  • Supply Chain Memo

    additionally maintaining a good relationship with its suppliers. Supply Chain Management is a way to set the parameters with which a company or business can operate while attending the demand for products or services, with a line of providers of materials, equipment and other services required for the end product to reach the market and, of course, the consumers. (see Figure 1) Having an efficient supply chain management, helps companies reduce costs, either for transportation or storage,…

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