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  • Goals And Objectives For The 16 Weeks Of The Co-Op

    The main goals and objectives for the 16 weeks of the co-op are learning the process and system of the company, developing new sales customer relationship skills, increase the performance of PressReader using my abilities and getting a job offer at the end of the co-op term. The plan will be divided into four main categories, each one related to the each of the four months of the co-op time. The first month (from the 8 of August to 8 of the September) is the time to get familiar with the different processes of the company and learn the strategies of the business. During this period, my capability to adapt to the new environment will be crucial to succeed. The second quarter of the co-op (from the 8 of September to the 8 of October) is the time to develop my skills and make my performance valuable to the company. Some people classify this period as transitional, because it is the bridge from learning period to growth period. The third month (from the 8 of October to the 8 of November) is the period of growth. The systems and processes of PressReader will be totally assimilated and my performance will drastically increase, enhancing the overall outcome of my duties, rising the satisfaction levels of the PressReader customers and creating new commercial opportunities for the company. The last quarter of the co-op (from the 8 of November to the 8 of December) is going to be the endorsement of my achievements at PressReader. In this specific period the performance will be at…

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  • Importance Of Customer Relationship Management

    customer information ranging from personal details to the websites visited with the help of Apple ID registrations, online surveys, cookies etc. They store this this user information in databases and analyze it. This helps them to understand the vital needs of the customer and gives timely insight to their preferences this making the product design better. It also helps in customizing advertising for their target audiences. Thus it increases the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the…

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  • Communication: The Importance Of Communication In The Workplace

    Communication has many different forms, and people use them to interact with each other on a daily basis. However, in the work force, most jobs require a high level of communication in order to uphold a job properly. Without the correct tools to communicate one’s job could be expendable. Communication is vital to a successful business because it helps with the growth, builds employee relations and customer relations. Without these means a business wouldn’t survive the economy in today…

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  • John Deere Case Study

    connect to suppliers. "We communicate with our suppliers through the Internet on quality issues, on evaluating suppliers in terms of delivery performance” (Johnson, 2000). An increased presence on the internet has increased marketability, and sales as well. All of these information systems have contributed to increased customer satisfaction, better communication amongst the supply chain, and continuous improvement in quality. Information Technology Recommendation. John Deere would be a very…

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  • Helpdesk Case Study

    distinctive speculations. To compute ROI, the profit (return) of a venture is isolated by the expense of the speculation; the result is communicated as an issue or a proportion. Formula to calculate ROI: ROI = (Gain from Investment – Cost of Investment) Cost of Investment Quantifiable profit can be seen after around 1 year of usage. There some immediate and more aberrant favourable circumstances. Like the usage expense is less. The most paramount is that it…

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  • Edinboro University Technology Help Center

    Background The Edinboro University Technology Help Center is an office on campus that helps students, faculty and staff with their technology needs. The demand for technology assistance has sky rocketed given that technology is so interwoven with today’s education. Universities, Edinboro included, are creating entire classes and programs that are held partially or even completely online. With this comes some issues that might require assistance and this is where the Technology Help Center…

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  • Why Do People Use Robotics Benefit For Humanity?

    Introduction Since 20th century, technology has been improved dramatically. Since then people had been debating that, "Will technology bring more jobs and prosperity?". There also expectation about a new disease, "Technological Unemployment" (John Maynard Keynes 1930) where people lost jobs because of technology could replace them. However, most of economist said that, "By raising productivity, any automation which economises on the use of labour will increase incomes and generate new product…

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  • Ronald Bailey Are Robots Going To Steal Our Jobs Analysis

    seem to be created. He states that humans will always work, but that jobs might differ from what they are now. Pointing out another issue skeptics seem to have, Bailey addresses the question of whether automation has made people work less. He clarifies technology helps make production faster and more accurate, but most importantly easier to complete. Bailey states although technology makes it easier to do jobs, it is not making humans work less and productivity has improved with automation. In…

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  • Point Of Sale System For A Restaurant

    selection process. In response, I will focus on these key elements: needs versus wants, ease of use, training, customer support, and scalability. As we learned in Chapter 13, it rarely makes any business sense to invest and automate any inefficient processes. Therefore, a key consideration is determining the needs versus the wants of particular processes…

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  • Desk Management Case Study

    XML interface for easy development of USSD services. IN Move’s USSD Gateway integrates with the GSM network (MSC/HLR) and converts XML content into USSD MAP one or the other way round. It supports multiple connections firing and load sharing. The Main features of USSD service is such as both directional and open USSD/XML interface supports multiple networks Great presentation,…

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