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  • Gun Control System Analysis

    Based on data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevent (CDC) in 2013 there were over 33,000 deaths by firearms, with the majority of these deaths coming from civilian use. That accounts for more than 17% of all documented injury deaths within the United States. I believe that guns are becoming too heavily relied on as a form of protection. With so much speculation in the media of how much crime takes place today, it seems to me as if civilians are turning to firearms as a means of security. For instance, based on Gallup’s poll on the percentage of U.S. gun owning households there has been a spike of 6% from 2011 to current day. Not only has there been an increase in gun ownership, since 2009 there has been a steady increase in the American deaths caused by firearms. As seen by the increase in both gun ownership and the number of deaths by firearms, I believe there is a correlation between the two. Keeping that in mind, is restrictions were made to reduce the amount and availability of firearms there would be a decrease in gun related death tolls. Falling back upon media speculation, when you are watching the news (that is if you watch the news) you are likely to see several stories of homicides and accidental deaths produced from the use of a firearm. This has given the impression to most citizens that gun related deaths are predominately from homicidal shootings. Contrary to this belief, in 2010 the CDC recorded 11,037 deaths by homicide while suicides had…

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  • Wolf Suppressor Essay

    The suppressors were adjustable and could easily be slid up and down the string, as well as turned for maximum effect. These suppressors were known for the best quality tone, as the design was carefully crafted to keep the brass from making contact with the string so important overtones and harmonics were not removed. The other reason this model was selected was because of the different weights, which is unique only to this design. Also the low price of the suppressor was ideal, as many wolf…

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  • Cancer Suppressor Gene: The Cause Of Cancer

    When a person inherits copies of a gene that are abnormal then they are already born with one mutation. If the copy that hasn’t inherited the abnormal gene stops working, the gene may stop working altogether. If the gene that stops working, is a cancer susceptibility gene then cancer may develop. Sometimes the cancer susceptibility gene can function as a tumor suppressor gene. Which means that A protective gene that normally limits the growth of tumors. When a tumor suppressor gene is mutated…

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  • The Notch Signaling Pathway Paper

    The hairless gene in humans is recessive. hairless lacks a shared evolution with Hairless in Drosophila melanogaster. Yet, Hairless presents evolutionary history with other genes in Drosophila melanogaster. Hairless has developed an antagonistic relationship with the Suppressor of Hairless. The Hairless gene depends on epistatic interactions. Most bristle mutations tend to occur in epistatic interactions with other genes. Hairless gene shows epistatic interactions with Notch genes and target…

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  • How Does Bill Nye Influenced America

    For example, “Nye got an educational television program to perform - ‘Bill Nye the Science guy” ( where he educated many children about science. This means that Nye has helped kids learn science and maybe influence them to begin a career of science. Not Only that, but Nye also created the hydraulic pressure resonance suppressor for the Boeing 747. In fact, the hydraulic pressure resonance suppressor is still in use today, and is being upgraded. Furthermore, Nye has also…

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  • The Role Of ATF3 In Cancer Cell Tumor

    ATF3 function in cancer cells: oncogene vs. tumor suppressor The mouse homolog of ATF3 (named TI-241) was identified by differential hybridization due to its high expression in the extremely metastatic melanoma cell line B16-F10, and absence in the related but non-metastatic cell line B16-F1. While characterizing the ATF3 mouse homolog, it was found that over-expression of ATF3 in the non-metastatic B16-F1cells converted them into highly metastatic cells, therefore, suggesting that ATF3…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Cell Cycle Of A Normal Cell And Cancer Cell

    Melanoma DUE JANUARY 4TH Compare and Contrast the cell cycle of a normal cell and cancer cell. ○ Explain the similarities and differences at each stage of the cell cycle in cancer and normal cells: How do cancer cells and normal cells behave similarly & differently in G1 In a normal cell during G1 it would increase its supply of proteins, double the amount of organelles and begin its first growth, if the cell is bad then the tumor suppressor gene would slow down or stop the cycle to repair…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Cancer Protection

    important oxidizing agents are molecular oxygen and free oxygen radicals. APOPTOSIS AND GROWTH SUPPRESSOR GENES The human body cells are normally continuously moving from resting phase, to growth phase and then multiplication phase. This continuous state of growth and multiplication means that any organ can potentially grow to any size, depending on its natural growth rate. By inference all human beings may also grow into giants. It even suggests immortality of human beings. Thankfully, every…

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  • PI3K/AKT Pathway Analysis

    phosphorylates PIP2 on the 3rd carbon position of the inositol resulting in phosphatidylinositol 3,4,5-triphosphate (PIP3). PIP3 triggers the activation of AKT/PKB signal pathway. AKT is a protooncogene protein that inhibits programmed cell death through binding of BAX preventing it from degrading the mitochondrial membrane that result in caspase-induced apoptosis. Furthermore, activation of AKT pathway signals Rheb that triggers mTOR activation translation factor S6K, which binds to the large…

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  • Colorectal Cancer Essay

    malignant, resulting in the spread of cancerous cells into the walls of the colon or rectum, blood vessels, lymph nodes and other organs. These DNA changes involve turning off a number of tumor-suppressor and DNA repair genes while simultaneous activating oncogenes which will allow the colonic epithelial cells to grow rapidly. This selective and rapid growth drives the transformation process from normal colonic epithelium  polyp  invasive colorectal cancer (Ballinger & Anggiansah). This…

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