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  • Liver Cancer Case Study

    Cancer represents a heterogeneous group of diseases. It is characterized by uncontrolled cell growth and a collapse of all multicellular co-operations (Zhang, et al., 2016; Zhang and Sun, 2015; Zhong, et al., 2016). Cancer promotes tumor development and metastasis (Ahmed, et al., 2013; Zhu, et al., 2016). Tumors are characterized by six essential alterations in cell physiology. These are self-sufficiency in growth signals, continued angiogenesis, insensitivity to growth inhibition signals,…

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  • Informative Essay On Rifle

    also fire .22 caliber pellets if you’re looking to do more damage. For stability, the gun comes with a thumbhole grip so you can track your target better and ensure a proper shot each time. The Silent Cat earns its name with a built-in sound suppressor that reduces noise so much it’s almost like a whisper. It also comes with a 3-9x40 zoom optical scope for better accuracy and precision. This rifle comes with a one-year limited…

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  • Gene Therapy And Cancer Cells Essay

    Gene Therapy & Cancer Cells Gene therapy is often defined as a treatment that uses genes to cure or prevent diseases. Genes, DNA, and protein are all involved with each other, therefore, in many immune diseases, if one fails your whole immune system could eventually fail. This treatment is relatively new; hence it is still a pretty risky experimentation since it involves getting genes into cancer cells. Gene Therapy is often involved in serious cancer cell treatments; its main purpose is to try…

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  • Assault Weapons Essay

    A New “Assault Weapon” Ban? Crash! It’s 3 am and Steve’s front door just got kicked in by a pair of men with illegal guns. He runs over to his closet to grab his gun. Then he remembers that just last week the police came and confiscated it. They said a new law had been passed banning AR-15’s. Steve calls the police. When they get there 10 minutes later, they find Steve’s families’ dead bodies and his house ransacked for anything of value. If only he had his gun. Guns have been around since…

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  • Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

    to become an oncogene, allowing it to remain on active status inducing cell growth (Gallegos-Arreola et al., 2013). A second hallmark is insensitivity to antigrowth signals; tumor suppressor genes regulate cell proliferation, once knocked out there is no regulation of proliferation, mutations of TP53, a tumor suppressor gene, occurs in only 3% of patients that have ALL (Gallegos-Arreola et al., 2013). A third hallmark is evading apoptosis; types of genes common to be knocked out are from the…

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  • Pancreatic Cancer Research Paper

    Understanding Pancreatic Cancer There is still so much that scientists don 't know about such intricate diseases such as cancer, but as technology improves, diseases that were previously thought of as incurable are now being researched, broken down, and with that treatments are being developed. The prevalence of various cancers is exponentially increasing, and pancreatic cancer is no exception. By the end of this research paper, the researcher will have discussed the known pathophysiology,…

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  • Essay On Adenocarcinoma

    Adenocarcinoma is derived from ‘adeno’, which means gland, and ‘carcino’ for cancer. It can form in many parts of the body, but each tumor is unique to its location. As a respiratory cancer adenocarcinoma is found in the mucus-secreting cells on the outer part of the lungs. It is a part of a group of lung cancers known as non-small cell lung cancers, which are categorized together because of similar prognosis and treatment, rather than similar cellular shape like other diseases. Most cases of…

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  • Sex Differences

    CDC73, or CASR gene. The MEN1 gene is the guideline for the production of the protein menin that acts as a tumor suppressor. It prevents cells from growing and dividing too rapidly. Mutations of the MEN1 gene result in an altered menin protein that is no longer able to control cell growth and division The CDC73 gene allows for the making of the parafibromin protein which is a tumor suppressor as well. A mutation here causes a decrease of the parafibromin protein. The CASR gene is involved in the…

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  • Bilateral Retinoblastoma Case Study

    First, you said only one eye has leukocoria in this infant. Leukocoria is a common clinical feature of retinoblastoma, and this indication is usually a late sign of the disease (Balmer et al., 2006). Retinoblastoma can be either a hereditary disease and a nonhereditary disease. Generally, 60% of the cases of retinoblastoma are nonhereditary, with the remaining 40% being hereditary. Usually, 25% of the hereditary cases have family disease history, which is what we have in this case (NORD).…

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  • Endometrial Hyperplasia Research Paper

    balance between estrogen and progesterone is disturbed, there could be absolute or relative increase in the level of estrogen. Continuous estrogen stimulation unopposed by progesterone causes hyperplasia of the endometrium. Mutations of the PTEN tumor suppressor gene have been found in more than 20% of hyperplasias. Most of the endometrial hyperplasias are reversible with appropriate therapy ,however if the hyperestrogenic stimulation persists, hyperplasia…

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