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  • Docetaxel Solubility

    solubility of docetaxel in various vehicles selected as oil, surfactant and co-surfactant for formulation of L-SNEDDS was determined and presented in the Table 1. Among the tested vehicles, Capmul PG8 NF (>250 mg/mL), Capmul MCM C8 (>250 mg/mL) and Transcutol P (>200 mg/mL) had the highest drug solubilization capacity for docetaxel. Whereas, Captex and Gelucire 44/14 shown the least solubility of docetaxel in them. Based on the solubility results, Capmul PG8 NF was selected as the oil phase, Cremophore EL as surfactant and Transcutol-P as co-surfactant. Capmul PG 8 NF (HLB 6) has partial aqueous solubility over Capmul MCM C8 which may help in easy dispersion of drug in an aqueous medium [34,35]. A good combination of surfactants with low and high hydrophilic lipophilic…

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  • What Is Soap And Detergent Essay

    addition, detergents can include aromatic rings. Detergents can also be used as surfactants and foaming agents” ( Difference between Soap and Detergent - Is There Any? 2018 ). What are detergents made up of? All detergents are made up of 3 main sources. The main sources that go into detergents are, alkalies, surfactants and anti -redeposition agents, and catalytic enzymes to create these detergents. Alkalis are soluble salts and are a key point in making detergents. “Soluble salts of an alkali…

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  • Silica Gel Research Paper

    What is silica gel New shoes, Pill bottles, Beef jerky, New purse, new backpacks. Silica gel is the little packages inside of products that were listed . Silica gel is to keep moisture out of those objects. Silica gel keeps the moisture from the product so it can stay dry. Silica gel can be in numerous places they can be even bought online. What does silica gel do Little packs of silica are(desiccant) means is a drying agent something that drys objects and absorbs the the…

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  • Hardieplank Research Paper

    James Hardie Building Products revolutionized the siding industry with the introduction of HardiePlank, a fiber cement siding that provides superior resistance to fire and insects. The texture of HardiePlank closely mimics traditional wood siding, and the product is available in a wide range of colors or primed so that homeowners can paint it to match or contrast with the rest of the exterior. Due to its strength, durability and classic appearance, HardiePlank has become the most popular siding…

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  • Cationic Surfactant Essay

    2. Synthetic surfactants used in pharmaceuticals and their properties. 2.1 Classification of surface active agents. The widely used synthethic surfactants in pharmaceuticals are classifieds as according on their surface charges. 1.Anionic surfactants:sodium alkyl sulfonates .SDS,SLS. 2.Cationic surfactants:Quaternary ammonium chlorides (quats),pyridinium salts . 3.Zwetterionic (amphoteric) surfactants:phospholipids- Phosphatidylcholine (Lecithin). 4.Nonionic surfactants: spans( esters of…

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  • The Definitions Of Surfaction And Surface Tension

    Surfactant Agents I. Definitions a. Surfactant: A surface-active agent that lowers surface tension i. Examples 1. soap 2. detergent b. Surface Tension: Force caused by attraction between like molecules that occurs at liquid-gas interfaces and that holds the liquid surface intact i. Units of Measure: dynes/centimeter (dyn/cm) 1. the force required to cause a 1 cm rupture in the surface film ii. a droplet forms because a liquid’s molecules are more attracted to each other than the surrounding…

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  • Lab Report Chemically And Thermodynamic Foam

    using surfactants available commercially. The types of surfactants used in preparation of aqueous foam influence the foam properties (Eisner et al., 2007; Bhakta and Ruckenstein, 1995). Successful foam requires the formation, growth and stabilization of the gas bubbles in the reacting medium. The bubbles in foam can be more or less homogeneous and vary in size. The shape of bubble of the foam may be almost spherical to irregular polyhedral, based on the way in which the foam is generated and the…

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  • The Difference Between Emulsion And Nannoemulsions

    [40] However, for the formation of a nanoemulsion, high amount of energy is required, such as ultrasonification or high pressure homogenizer. Although both the systems are similar in physical appearance as they are transparent/translucent systems with low viscosity, there are differences in their stability due to the fabrication methods used. Since nanoemulsions are formed due to high input of energy, they are highly kinetically stable, but microemulsions possess high thermal stability. [40]…

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  • Disadvantages Of Proniosomes Essay

    enhances the permeation of the drugs through the skin because of the presence of surfactants. *They help in reaching the target site of action by various routes such as oral, parenteral,ocular ,nasal as well as topical routes such as transdermal drug delivery. *Niosomes are non toxic ,biodegradable, biocompatible and non-immunogenic. *Both hydrophilic and hydrophobic drugs can be incorporated in niosomal formulation . *Niosomes improve the therapeutic performance of the drug ,since the…

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  • Solubility Of Sulpiride In Me Components

    maximum drug loading into ME formulation, the oil, which showed higher solubilization capacity for sulpiride is selected for ME preparation. The choice of oil for ME is often a compromise between its solubilization potential for the drug and its ability to microemulsify. Results in table 1 represent the solubility of sulpiride into different oils, surfactants and co-surfactants. Non-polar solvents possessing low dielectric constants can dissolve non-polar solutes with similar internal pressures…

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