Surgical procedures

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  • Total Hip Replacement Surgery

    Total Hip Replacement Hip arthroplasty is using a prosthesis to replace hip joint is one of the most common surgical procedures today (Walker, 2007). A good surgical team will increase the success rate of the total hip replacement. However, proper nursing interventions during pre-operative and post-operative phase of the surgery is very important for the patient. Nurses spend more time with patients compared to the other health care personnel. Therefore, a good nursing care will better prepare the patient before the surgery, accelerates healing post-surgery, and prevents further complications (Walker, 2007). This article provides instructions on how to prevent complications after total hip replacement surgery. Providing proper nursing…

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  • Organ Surgical Procedure

    Problem: Because a prerecorded transplant was viewed, detailed background information about the patient was not thoroughly divulged. Nonetheless, like any surgical procedure, a common reason for surgery is that function of the organ is completely lost and detrimental to the patient’s health. Surgeons and other physicians must determine whether the benefit of performing the procedure outweighs the risk of surgery. In this case, the patient must have lost function is both kidneys (as people can…

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  • Multiple Surgical Procedure Policy

    Multiple Surgical Procedures Policy is when a surgery involves more than one surgical procedure covered under a member's plan. Multiple (modifier-51) and bilateral (modifier-50) procedures are reimbursed 100% for the first procedure and 50% for all other procedures, some exclusions. Overpayment recovery should be mailed to the appropriate Cigna’s address with a copy of the Explanation of Payment received, including a check made payable to Cigna. Many Americans like myself only fear of medical…

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  • Medical Case Study: Common Surgical Procedures

    1 Assess the patient’s clinical need for blood and when it is required. 2 Inform the patient and/or relatives about the proposed transfusion treatment and record in the patient’s notes that you have done so. 3 Record the indications for transfusion in the patient’s notes. 4 Select the blood product and quantity required. Use a blood ordering schedule as a guide to transfusion requirements for common surgical procedures. 5 Complete the blood request form accurately and legibly. Write the reason…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Surgical Technology Programs In Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

    semesters of surgical technologist courses. First semester required courses consist of: English Composition I, Fundamentals of Surgical Technology, Principles of Surgical Techniques, and Surgical Anatomy. Second semester contains classes like: Surgical Microbiology, Basic and Related Surgical Procedures, and Specialized Surgical Procedures I. Third semester courses include: Specialized Surgical Procedures I, Advances Surgical Procedures, and Certification and Role Transitions. The total amount…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Surgical Technologist

    how in my opinion, it correlates metaphorically of how I started and my diurnal responsibility as a Surgical Technologist. Less than a month ago; on March 19, I ran my 3rd marathon. It is becoming a yearly affair for me and my wife to ran the Los Angeles Marathon that we always look forward for the next year. It started 3 years ago when my wife signed me up for my first marathon (she did her first the year prior) one month before the event. I do ran every now and then but I have never taken…

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  • Surgical Tech Research Paper

    “Sometimes, the surgical tech can even be hands-on with the patient,” Groinus says (Xu). Also said by Groinus, “Very often we have an opportunity to assist the surgeon by holding retractors and manipulating tissue,” she says, noting that surgical techs aren’t allowed to actually perform any portion of the surgery. The surgical techs are required to know the names of hundreds of medical instruments used throughout surgeries. During surgeries a surgical tech is often called certain names that…

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  • Graduation Speech: I Ll Be Kept Drugged

    A calm voice emanates from a member of what the man can only assume is some kind of surgical team, “Are we ready?” The other man struggles in vain, his face and neck are flush, his veins protrude from his skin, his hands are blotches of purple and white as he fights against the manacles. The man feels his arms straining against his own restraints as he watches the baby-blue clad beings with their surgical masks and hair bonnets surround the other man. Each methodically places sterile nitrile…

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  • Relationship Between Surgical Procedure And Drug Administration: 4-5 Year Old Men

    2. Methods 2.1. Animals and procedures: 4-5 weeks old male Kunming mice weighing 19-21g were provided by Experimental Animal Centre of Kunming prior to treatment with LOS(10,20mg) or MET(20,40mg), the mice were either treated with vehicle (n=16) or ISO (n=80) for 2 weeks. The mice were fed food and had free access to tap water. The mice were maintained under stable room temperature and a regular 12h dark and light rhythm. Usage of experimental animal was in accordance with the compliance of the…

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  • Surgical Technician Essay

    Being a surgical technologist can be hard work; not only should a technician watch after all patients, but must keep a check on themselves. A technician needs to remain as stress free as possible, always making sure all body mechanics are in order. Forgetting to do this can lead to emotional stress, which has a negative effect on the body. A surgical technician not in full control of himself causes things to go wrong in the operating room. A technician must always be completely focused on the…

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