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  • Surveillance And Panopticon

    SURVEILLANCE AND THE PANOPTICON 499 Accordingly, we accept the various encroachments upon civil liberties because they are critical to equip our governments with the tools and the data to eliminate the risk of terror and other violent criminality. Yet, these are the same tools and data that can be used against us, and we are complicit and cheer the overt, unashamed construction of a police state, differentiated from a democratic regime by the sheer scale of surveillance. One is not free to express their opinions and engage in demonstration because of the modern surveillance systems that facilitate a global, virtually inescapable panopticon that “logically seem[s] to intensify the possibilities of the disciplinary society described by Foucault…

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  • Government Surveillance

    Astonished by the shocking information about the surveillance of the government, I was so fascinated by the movie—more of a reflective mirror unveiling the truth behind the ‘civilization’ of today’s society. Targeting all people around the globe, the film boldly addressed an alarming and multi-national issue—privacy invasion.Along with evolvement in technology and civilization, there is a surging degree of surveillance upon the citizenry. Though it appears to be the norm, does it meant to be in…

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  • The Importance Of Electronic Surveillance

    electronic surveillance to maintain the security of their buildings and grounds, to obtain information about costumers or to help increase the output of work during business hours. Electronic monitoring can serve several purposes. It can increase the amount of work actually being done during work hours, enhance the security for persons and property, and detect and prevent criminal, wrongful, or impermissible…

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  • The Importance Of Government Surveillance

    NSA have been keeping everyone in the country under surveillance in order to help protect the citizens from possible threats. A lot of people believe this is a violation of their privacy rights, but many also understand that some things are necessary in order to keep the country protected. In this day and age, there are various means that a criminal can use to relay information to others which is why the government has to monitor the various tools that the general public uses. From cameras, to…

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  • A Surveillance Society Analysis

    Improvements in Surveillance The article “A Surveillance Society” by William E Thompson and Joseph V. Hickey illustrates how the need for constant surveillance has created new technologies that are always improving. The 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States prompted the growing trend in surveillance and the technology used to monitor citizens both publicly and privately. Police and the military use impressive high tech surveillance devices such as video scanners, electronic ankle…

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  • 1984 Surveillance Technology

    The surveillance technology of 1984 is not very different from our world today, we also have surveillance cameras and microphones, what is different is in how they are implemented. Big Brother spied on citizens to watch all of them, not just be able to catch criminals. Another difference is that the surveillance technology of today may even have surpassed that of 1984. What is similar between the world of today and the world of 1984, is that the government watched the citizens, and it could…

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  • Surveillance Pros And Cons

    Since September 11th the United States has taken a very different look at security vs privacy. This can be seen through changes not only in surveillance but also in plane security. Making people give up more privacy for increased security. As a society we are still debating on what we value more, security or privacy. Likewise in surveillance, a similar change has happened, more surveillance through all types of mediums are now taking place. This is done to thwart terrorist attacks against…

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  • Changes In Government Surveillance

    Government monitoring, The efforts to prevent future terrorist attacks have subsequently created an increase in public infringement of expected privacy. As video surveillance in the U.S continues to expand the problem begins to grow larger and become more prevalent. As technology continues to advance surveillance becomes easier and easier. In this present day in, age we find ourselves in a world full of video cameras watching our every move. Information about our habits and lives is collected…

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  • The Dangers Of Internet Surveillance

    users globally and most users have never heard of or aware of the group known as the “Surveillance Society”. Welcome to the century where everything you do is composed, accumulated, investigated and sold to strangers. Internet surveillance doesn’t occur by a user surfing the internet or accessing different websites, it occurs as soon as the user connects to the internet through the ISP (Internet Service Provider). The ISP assigns an IP (Internet Protocol) address to all users accessing the…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Electronic Surveillance

    electronic surveillance controversy dealing with the U.S. Government’s National Security Administration spying on ordinary civilians. During this paper I will present pro and con arguments dealing with this controversy. I will also explain the social, political, ethical and legal impact of the electronic surveillance on our society. We as Americans are having our private lives monitored by the federal government through unwarranted surveillance. Many Americans were outraged when the issue of…

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