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  • Summary Of Rethinking Myspace

    In the article Rethinking MySpace: Using Social Networking Tools to Connect with Students written by Antero Garcia, he explains how he is using social media platforms to connect with his students. With the use of MySpace Garcia is able to create his own page and befriend his students in order to keep them updated with school assignments as well as provide help. Although using his page for school related purposes Garcia has witness that by having a MySpace he has entered into a new world of socialization. By having current and former students reach out to him for educational or personal issues he sees the impact and influence social media is having on today’s youth. Through this change he has witnessed several individuals who are not involved in…

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  • The Similarities And Differences Between Myspace And Facebook

    media as well. Once, the groundbreaking social media site MySpace reigned supreme. However, something changed, and MySpace fell from the public’s grace. Despite some similarities, it is, for now, Facebook which holds the social media crown, boasting 1.49 billion monthly active user as of June 2016 (Newsroom, 2015). Social Media Social media can be described as an online the collective communication channels which primarily focus on community rooted collaboration, interaction, input, and both…

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  • The Young And The Digital By S. Craig Watkins Summary

    focused his studies on men and women ranging from 15 to 24 years old. Watkins uses MySpace and Facebook to provide examples to his beliefs of the cultural divisions. As he writes he compares how Facebook and MySpace users are grouped into two different factions. Just as in the real world people are grouped in a similar way. The thesis of the article is to try to get people to realize that the internet creates the same culture distinction issues as does the real world. He is writing to all of…

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  • Social Networking Persuasive Essay

    Every day we wake up, and for most people, their first reaction is to pick up their phone, and go through each social networking sites and apps. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Myspace are just a few social networking sites that are accessed daily by people around the world. LinkedIn, Monster, Simply Hired, and Craigslist are some of the most popular sites when you’re currently job hunting. In today’s society, social networking can be both positive and negative. It is up to you how you decide…

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  • What Is The Inevitable Death Of The Internet?

    Within only one month of MySpace’s release in 2004, the site had accumulated 1 million registered users. Unlike the competition between DigitalSpace Traveler and SecondLife that occurred so suddenly, Facebook and MySpace were officially open for public use around the same time. This made the transfer of users more gradual since the two had co-existed as popular social networks up until Myspace’s fall around 2008. ((Rephrase)) But if this was the case then how did Myspace manage loose its…

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  • The Role Of Privacy In Social Media

    Passerini explored how questions of privacy and trust influence social interactions by gathering data from users of Facebook and MySpace—two very different sites that, at the time, were vying for dominance in the social media space. Their study suggests that trust is not necessarily required for building new relationships in an online site, nor does the presence of trust and a willingness to share information always translate into new social interactions. They cite Metzger’s notion that trust is…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Personal Interaction With Social Media

    My first personal interaction with social media was precisely in 2006, two years after what I could call the boom of Myspace. Compare to most of friends, it took me awhile before joining the circle because I didn’t think it was a useful tool for me until I took my first trip to France, where I started to miss my families and friends and I then create an account, just to communicate pricelessly with them. Back then, there were no prevalent features as video chat or voice and photos upload, as…

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  • Analysis Of Faux Friendship By William Deresiewicz

    Deresiewicz notes “With the social-networking sites of the new century- Friendster and Myspace were launched in 2003, Facebook in 2004-the friendship circle has expanded to engulf the whole of social world…” (440). People are becoming friends through social media in nowadays. Facebook and Myspace are widely used to make friends and to reconnect with old friends, along with several other social media sites. This proves that, since social media like Facebook and Myspace are invented in this…

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  • Cyber-Bullying In Our Society

    reported that the photo was sent to hundreds of teenagers in at least seven other high schools around area after the couple broke up. The cyber bullying continued through Facebook, Myspace and text messages. Jessica hanged herself not long after, after attending the funeral of another boy who had committed suicide. What could have been done? Prevention is always better than cure, she should have not sent any nudes to anyone. No matter how dear the person might be to them. When the photos were…

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  • Digital Identity

    Friendster. This would be comprised of a whole range of digital identities but this was considered to be compiles of circle of friends that could only be made through rich connections that only these circles could have. (Digital Trend Staff, 2016) Friendster did set out originally to be a social media network for close relationships, however it has of now been transformed into a gaming social networking site for gamers to meet online so that they will be able to play on certain games together.…

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