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  • Secondary Victimisation

    Although Secondary Victimisation affects a victim in a severely psychological level, sometimes understanding why the criminal justice system might put regulations on a victims’ statement or powers might help. The Government is the person/group technically suing the offender, not the victim, is by technically the victim would have no say on any deals made by the prosecution. The rights of Offender; legal Counsel, to be included and informed of all actions; right to a fair trial; ‘Innocence until proven guilty,’ previous criminal history is excluded, rights of appeal and other rights afforded to them by the government in several countries, however there are countries that have tightened regulations on rights of the offender. In the Criminal justice…

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  • Effects Of Criminal Victimisation

    Choice 1 
 Explain in detail the effects that criminal victimisation can have on the individuals victimised.As a portion of your writing you should discuss and explain: The different types of effects, their severity, how long they last, the type of crime victim most likely affected (which types of offences produce which types of effects); How the fear of crime and similar matters are related to this issue; Other important issues related to the effects of victimisation on individuals; If you have…

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  • Harassment, Bullying And Victimisation Policy

    Respect for Others or Harassment, Bullying And Victimisation Policy ` Juatco Law Offices strictly does not tolerate any form of harassment, bullying and/or victimisation. An employee who has committed any of the following acts shall be terminated. Harassment Sexual Harassment can be physical conduct ranging from the invasion of personal space and/or inappropriate touching to serious assault. It can include questions or remarks about a person’s sex life, comments or ridicule about appearance or…

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  • Bully-Victims: A Case Study

    The word “bully-victim” is drawn within the grey areas, a phenomenon grasping concepts and of both bullying and victimisation. It embodies the definition of bullying, Yang and Salmivalli (2013) states it is a continuous assault that aims to inflict verbal, physical or psychological distress on a weaker individual (Olweus, 1996). Studies suggest that bully-victims are an impressive group of people due to the portrayal of distinct characteristics (Yang and Salmivalli, 2013), that could be caused…

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  • Female Victim Blaming

    high-profile cases of Brocker Turner in Stanford and the alleged case surrounding English footballer Chad Evans illustrate this shift in news representations of actors involved in sexual violence cases. This may reflect an increase of female employees in the news organisations, feminist revelations and changing public attitudes surrounding sexual violence (Flood and Pease, 2009). Despite this, less overt methods of female victim blaming described earlier are still evident. The cases in this…

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  • Radical Feminist Analysis

    In the early 1970s, Radical feminists (RF) began to explore how gender and sexuality affect the context of crime and victimisation, particularly rape and other forms of sexual violence. They highlighted that legal discourse follows a patriarchal, phallocentric culture and structure that prioritizes masculinity and maintains power distributions favoured towards men. Heterosexuality is assumed thus rape is only seen as legitimate when it involves male penetration and female sexual pleasure is…

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  • Describe The Effects Of Bullying In Schools

    well as seeking help from others and leave the bullying situation as quickly as possible. Counselling is also an option, empowering the child to see who and what bullies really are and to see themselves in the light of power and having the ability to overcome the bullying situation. Talking about one’s self and ones abilities, helps the child understand one’s self and the successes and positive aims the individual has, owning ones power and putting a stop to the bullying. The child needs to…

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  • Bullying And Its Effects On Bystanders

    make a positive difference. The target group were also required to act out a scenario with the peer educators. This role play enabled the target group to rehearse what they might say in a bullying situation and give them confidence in being an active bystander in the future (Rigby, 2003). It was also emphasised that ‘safety comes first’ and that it is sometimes better to not get directly involved and rather report the incident. This is useful as it can minimise the risk to students (Rigby &…

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  • Side Effects Of Corporal Punishment

    RUNNING HEAD: CORPORAL PUNISHMENT AND ITS EFFECTS ON CHILDREN Corporal Punishment and Its Effects on Children George Harbieh 20/8/2015 Outline Thesis statement: Anti-Social behaviors, health issues and psychological problems are three negative effects of the usage of corporal punishments in schools. I. One of the side effects brought by corporal punishment is the strong tendencies of kids to cause anti social behaviors. A. Bulling other classmates. B. Violating humans rights. C.…

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  • Alex Libby's Life And Treatments Of Bully

    Alex Libby There are 13 million students in the U.S that are victims of bullying. A man named Alex Libby is considered to be a teen activists who is fighting for people that are being bullied. Alex Libby is a teen that has had ups and downs in his life but from his struggles, he is doing many things to help others in the same position. Bullying was a very big part of Alex Libby’s life and is for many other people too. Because of what he has been through, he is working to stop bullying for…

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