Victimless crime

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  • Victimless Crime

    the enforcing authorities. These laws are strongly enforced against the weak and middle class people rather than uniform application that will include the upper class people. It is the people who have been arrested once for a crime who can be rearrested again for the same crime instead of any other person. Hence, the enforcement of a criminal law on victimless crimes is proportional to the social standard of the person committing the act. • Criminalising these acts does not deter the people from committing it as the arrests made are arbitrary or capricious in nature. A law that does not create deterrence in the minds of people is not effective in nature. Another reason for ineffective deterrence is that these acts are usually consensual or have not been condemned by the society as a wrong. • Victims of a particular criminal act put pressure on the police authorities which force them to act in accordance to law. But in case of victimless crimes there is no person to monitor the police performance. These offences create an extra ordinary opportunity for police corruption. In a crime like gambling or prostitution there is no victim and hence the police authorities will accept the bribe pad to them to release them off the crime as…

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  • Victimless Crime Essay

    Introduction: This essay will assess the statement ‘There is no such thing as a victimless crime’. It will firstly support the claim by arguing that recreational methamphetamine use is not a victimless drug crime because it directly exposes users’ dependents to grave physical and psychological dangers, is strongly associated with violent crime, and results in acute indirect harm to society. Then, the essay will oppose the assertion by arguing that active voluntary euthanasia is victimless crime…

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  • Research Paper On Victimless Crime

    Is There Such Thing As a Victimless Crime? Tekya Morman CJC-112 Criminology James Crawford Fall 2015 Abstract For my research paper I will talking about victimless crimes. I will research this topic to prove whether or not there is victimless crimes or not. I will find evidence to back up why there are victimless crimes.I will explain what a victim is to give the reader a better idea of what a victimless crime would be. I will explain what a victimless crime is…

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  • Essay On Victimless Crime

    Victimless crime is as illegal behavior that by definition has “no victims.” This illegal behavior does not directly violate or threaten the rights of another individual. Victimless crimes are based on morality laws or laws that are considered to be for the good or best of society. Research focuses on the three main areas of prostitution, drugs, and gambling. I believe that there needs to be more of a focus on the issue of prostitution. This is because of the controversial topics of legalization…

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  • Why Is Drugs A Victimless Crime?

    Whether people sell or buy drugs, the involvement with drugs is not a victimless crime. Many believe that the use of drugs does not affect the people around them because the individual may be using drugs within a closed environment and is not causing any harm to anyone else, but themselves. This is true to an extent, at the moment of doing drugs the individual possibly is not harming anyone but themselves, but eventually the individual will come into contact with other people such as friends or…

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  • Analysis Of Harm Principle By John Stuart Mill

    with people of all ages. Along with this disagreement comes the topic of too much freedom. Some may say if a country tolerates drugs to be legal then the people will continue to want more freedom. Legalization of drugs may lead to other heinous crimes becoming legal as well. Would all this legalization go against the harm principle and somehow lead to direct harm down the road? Possibly. The more freedom a person is given the greater the chance they have to screw it up. Hence, direct harm…

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  • Legalization Of Prostitution Essay

    others claim that legalizing prostitution can help lower rape, undermine organized crime and reduce the spread of disease. Using utilitarianism, virtue ethics and Kant deontology I try to prove that prostitution is immoral and it should be banned. Prostitution is defined as “business of engaging in a sexual relationship in exchange for payment or some other benefit”. The practice usually happens legally in modern cites like Vegas, Berlin and Amsterdam. However, in many other places, the…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Legalization Of Prostitution

    is often received with a negative connotation. Prostitutes do not do what they do out of spite, or as an “I’ll show you!” with an uplifted shaking fist to “the man.” Deeming an occupation “illegal” will cause those who have that particular job to keep the business secret, rather than in the public domain where it can be monitored and managed accordingly. It is common that people believe that performing sexual acts in exchange for cash is an immoral source of income and that legalizing the…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Marijuana Legalization

    and that really affects the community and the innocent people living in it. Drug war is a major issue that many countries around the world suffer from, and if the drug were to be legalized a lot of those wars will end because they have nothing to fight for anymore. The legalization of marijuana will also create a lot of jobs and job opportunities for those who are unemployed and homeless. Jobs like industrial workers, physicians, and more will bring awareness to people who are unproductive and…

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  • Essay On Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized

    marijuana has the right to do whatever he or she wants to their own body if it’s harmful or not. Nobody should be able to tell them what they can and can’t put in their body. If someone is ingesting marijuana into their own body, then it doesn’t do any harm to anyone other than themselves so it 's just fine. That’s correct to an extent, the loved one of the user still has to see the effects on the outside of their body. Secondly, marijuana should be legalized because it doesn’t actually harm the…

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