Summary Of Rethinking Myspace

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In the article Rethinking MySpace: Using Social Networking Tools to Connect with Students written by Antero Garcia, he explains how he is using social media platforms to connect with his students. With the use of MySpace Garcia is able to create his own page and befriend his students in order to keep them updated with school assignments as well as provide help. Although using his page for school related purposes Garcia has witness that by having a MySpace he has entered into a new world of socialization. By having current and former students reach out to him for educational or personal issues he sees the impact and influence social media is having on today’s youth. Through this change he has witnessed several individuals who are not involved in …show more content…
There are many examples throughout his article where he discusses his interactions with his students when dealing with school related issues as well as personal ones relating to their private lives. For example a few students have invited him to events that were not school related in addition to Garcia encouraging students to attend events outside of the classroom. As well as students being able to ask for help when it comes to SAT’s, college questions or missed homework assignment. This helps see the different sides of a student that cannot be seen in a classroom because many of them prefer to stay silent then to speak up. With today’s social media many individuals are able to express themselves more freely then if they were confined into a classroom. All these examples prove that social media not only helps everyone stay connected and communicate with one another but it also allows individuals to open themselves up. This will give them the possibly to interact and connect with others on the web which will help them overcome their fear of

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