Social Media's Negative Effects On Adolescent

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Social media is defined by Merriam Webster as forms of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content. (Merriam-Webster, 2011). The recent popularity of social media and related technologies has had a negative effect on the mental well being of adolescent users due to the addictions and unrealistic expectations that social media creates. The “like” system panders to users’ needs for validation, which reinforces self -centered thoughts and behaviors. Sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, add more complications and expectations to the lives of users because they compare themselves to others, which can fuel feelings of inadequacy. Social sites also provide …show more content…
The attraction lies mostly in the continual gratification (which comes in the form of “likes” and comments) that users receive when they log on. People with low self-esteem truly become captivated by the positive reinforcement that these sites provide, because they may not receive that kind of approval from themselves or others in the real world. Being validated by others online feels good and as a result, users keep coming back for more. When individuals fail to receive the amount of “likes” or encouragement that they feel entitled to, their self-esteem is damaged, which can contribute to other, more concerning mental health issues. Users then seek out more attention, and either receive the results they initially desired or are disappointed again. In this way, social media use can become a harmful cycle. Along with validation, individuals use the internet to provide distraction and entertainment. While there is nothing wrong with distraction and entertainment in moderation, they can quickly take over people’s lives. Becoming addicted to using social sites for any reason can be damaging, because people will procrastinate or not face problems in real life at all. As the use of social media has increased, users are more vulnerable to negative emotions because of their high dependency on these networks. These problems primarily …show more content…
This practice is beneficial for mental health. Individuals can feel more connected to society, and therefore may be less likely to suffer from mental health issues as a result. Interacting with others who have similar interests, values, or beliefs can be helpful in boosting self-esteem, because the individual knows that others, who are like themselves, exist. When an individual has the ability to communicate with people who are like them or people they care for, it gives them a sense of belonging, and they no longer feel isolated. Instead they feel interconnected in a meaningful way. The use of the internet to interact with others can also build confidence for real social interaction. Connecting with others online is vastly less stressful than having a face-to-face encounter. Social media is a way for people to expand and maintain their networks, as well as strengthen social

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