Examples Of Social Media In Brave New World

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In any period of time here on earth, there are always activities, objects, or substances that allow us to escape from the real world that we live in, to another world of distraction. In this alienated, modern century, people cannot seem to envision their lives without social media. Many individual in the United States has some type of social media and would spend most of their free time on it and sometime does not realize what is going on around them. People use social media as a distraction and in the novel that we read Brave New World, there is a type of substance that does the exact same thing.
In the novel Brave New World, the substance that brings people into another world is soma. The government of the World State, supply the drug for
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Social media has become an almost essential to the Americans everyday life. Similarly to soma, people do not seem to realize thoroughly how much social media has gained control of our daily lives and how serious it is affecting our younger generation and their mental health. Social media, like Facebook is addicting like drugs. According to news.com.au, scientists found that “peer approval on social media (eg having people ‘like’ your photos on Facebook) releases dopamine in the brain. This is the same chemical that is released when you take drugs,” and it affects both young children and adults. In our modern world, we tend to seek distractions when we face a problem that we do not want to deal with; and so we do other things, get distracted rather than solving the problem. People could be on social media for hours, relax and simply get distracted from what they are doing or supposed to do. Just like how soma gets people to relax and help them get distracted. Social media is easy to get access to as the citizens in the World State have the access to get soma. Most people have cell phones and they can get on it any time they want; spend unlimited amount of time on there as they want, there is no limit. Also social media promotes an ideal and unrealistic lifestyle just like soma. Soma let an individual hallucinate into this perfect and happy world. For social media for example, on Instagram people can control what they put on there and most of the time they tend to create this perfect life that they have so other people would see it. So both soma and social media let people get distract from the real world and let them experience the perfect

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