Social Media Narcissism Essay

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In todays society we have an narcissistic epidemic in the making. A very large portion of our population is now connecting and socializing through social networking sites (SNS) and it’s changing the way we view and promote ourselves. With all of our “reality” TV starts and “selfie” obsession this hardly can come as a shock. The Millennial groups use of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has become an overwhelming part of their day to day life. Our current generations is so involved with social networking sites that it’s given us more insight on how these sites can affect ones development. Research now being done has found alarming connections between adolescents using social networking sites and developmental problems. …show more content…
With smartphones in almost everyones hands it’s made the accessibility of Facebook and other social media sites at the tip of everyones fingers. Almost 50% of people with cell phone will use a social media site at any point during the day. Younger adults, minorities, college educated and people with a high income are found to be more actively using their phones for social media than others. (Smith & Zickuhr, 2012). Young adults are in tune with their reputation online and are continuously adding to the content and managing their profiles. In a research done, adolescents acknowledged that Facebook was a part of their social life and daily communications. These young adults answered to questions saying their profiles on Facebook or other sites play a huge role in a teenagers social standing. To be more specific, people are socially ranking by the number of comments or likes a status or picture gets. With this being so important to their reputation users on Facebook will make it a priority to showcase what they think others what to see or hear. When one doesn’t reach the attention they’d hoped for it’s likely the user will take down the photo or edit the status. (Duggan & Smith,

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