Social Media's Negative Effects On Young Children

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Since forever society has been talking about violence within social media, television, and video games. We cannot deny that the industry sells the most movies and video games by capturing people’s attention with violence and extreme actions. They question is, does this set the wrong example for our younger viewers, especially toddlers and adolescence? I would definitely be the first to say, OF COURSE. Every time I turn on the television or watch a music video on television the only thing I can see is fighting, yelling, and explicit language, not to mention all the other unnecessary and inappropriate material. Anybody can turn on the television and see what is going on in this world filled with violence, so what’s stopping a young child from doing the same thing and seeing this nonsense. What can or will they learn from it? Is it even dangerous? Some people don’t see the negative effects and think it is enhancing their minds into thinking this type of life and action is normal, but this is not true. This paper is intended to look at these views and bring up aspects that can be used to give a different perspective for some people. I believe that all …show more content…
The Telegraph. Telegraph Media Group, 2011). This comes from an Oxford University study. The moral of the study suggests that most children are growing up with a faulty development, and the exposure to violent video games makes it worse on them. So he is saying that the way we grow up and are raised effects what we like to do on our free time. So as our society is already violent and problematic, it makes the kids more susceptible to want to play violent video games. It is not the violent video games themselves, but the games support and aid in destructing their way of thinking, which I can agree

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