Positive And Negative Effects Of Social Media

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Register to read the introduction… Distribution of gender at the respective universities, along with the reasoning of use and nonuse of social networking were collected through surveying and observations. This piece of literature contributes to the subject matter of social networking affecting students at universities because it directly provides results of surveys asking students why they use or why they don’t use social networks during their college experience. This information is relevant because it is a direct source from the actual students attending the universities, rather than outsiders judging what they think the reasons for use and nonuse of social networking are.

III. Conclusion The literature provided from this research contributes to my study because I am looking at the effects of social networking applications on students at universities as well. Although my research is more specific to underclassmen attending Historical Black Colleges and Institutions, the subject of the research is still very similar and helpful to my research. I plan to do a similar survey and more in depth observation and analysis to find the effects of social networking on college students and whether or not those effects are positive, negative, or
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Many minds in the world believe that social networking only has negative impacts on college students, and young adults in general, when in fact this same method of networking has positive affects as well. These results will helpfully add to the debate of social networking being a demising new age fad that young adults and teenagers are taking part in. In the real world, specifically in this age, social networking is a more advance way of professionally networking with people in your area, out of state, and all across the world. It makes communication a lot easier, convenient, and efficient. With these results, a mindset of negativity towards social networking should be altered or at least tampered to see that it is a good source of networking and communication, if used strategically and moderately. Hopefully these results will also encourage professors of universities to incorporate the use of social networking in assignments and even class

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