The Similarities And Differences Between Myspace And Facebook

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In the modern digital age, technological trends ebb and flow from platform to platform. The platform which is relevant today, may not be so appealing tomorrow. Even the hottest digital trend can quickly be displaced in lieu of a similar, yet newer trend. This rings true with social media as well. Once, the groundbreaking social media site MySpace reigned supreme. However, something changed, and MySpace fell from the public’s grace. Despite some similarities, it is, for now, Facebook which holds the social media crown, boasting 1.49 billion monthly active user as of June 2016 (Newsroom, 2015).
Social Media Social media can be described as an online the collective communication channels which primarily focus on community rooted collaboration, interaction, input, and both media and content sharing. Among the different types of social media platforms
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Two of the most highly recognized social media giants are MySpace and Facebook. While MySpace became the first widespread social media outlet, Facebook eventually became the largest in terms of active users (Newsroom, 2015). In a sense, MySpace originated in uncharted waters. While Facebook, which found it’s legs five years behind MySpace, had the advantage of figuratively looking over MySpace’s social media marketing playbook. All in all MySpace and Facebook share a fair amount of both similarities and differences.
Similarities. Between MySpace and Facebook there are a lot of similarities when it comes to marketing approach. In general, all social networking websites have one central user feature: customization (Eckard, 2014). Customization is the ability for the user to create an experience in the way they want it to be (Eckard, 2014). Both MySpace and Facebook encourage users to customize a profile picture, a background/cover photo, frequently update information such as mood or current activities, and above all, be selective in their affiliates, both personal and professional (Newsroom,

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