Social Media Critical Analysis

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Critical Analysis of Social Media

Social media has been used in various contexts to refer to the many forms of web-based platforms and technologies that are used by people globally to interact socially with one another online. Some of the most prominent examples of social media that are commonly used to date are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Tumblr and Google +, with Facebook, Youtube and Twitter being the most popular, while Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram LinkedIn being the fastest growing since the year 2014 according to GlobalWebIndex (GWI Device Summary Q3, 2014 Social report). Others include Reddit, LinkedIn, Myspace, and Pinterest. All over the world, the use of social media has been fully integrated into the people’s daily lives
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The access of information is fast and one is able to access timely information whenever they need it. Connectivity has been made since now one is able to connect with people who are so far away. In the field of business, sales have been improved through the online marketing. However, on the negative side, cyber-crime has been on the increase and privacy has been compromised in the use of some forms of social media. No one forces people to join any social media service, but all the sites especially Facebook are exponentially overwhelming with users; meaning that the benefits outdo the disadvantages and that people have embraced social media. Moreover, the use of social has led to a greater extent being common among students on campus and the use has increased drastically in the past five years. Very many students are members of Facebook and with the improvements in the media sector; many of them have been able to preserve their personal information as compared to past users. Everyone wonders what will be the future of the social media? References
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