Positive Effects Of Social Media Essay

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Social media, today has grown to a level where not even professors could understand the rapid growth of social media in the last decade. Although most of the parents and the older generation discourage social media due to the seriousness of cyber attack, sexualisation and paedophiliac actions social media also has many positives. When teens use such websites as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and twitter, there will always be a negative and positive effect on the person. According to Statasia, In November 2015 more than 1.63 billion have a registered account of some sort online. This figure shows just how much social media is a part of our lives. The NSW Schools government website defines Cyberbullying as “bullying through information and communication …show more content…
But how do these social media sites have a positive impact on teens? Well, there are many benefits that come with social media. Friends, families and couples who are separated due to work or other related issues can still contact their friend’s, family and wife through the use of Face-time, Facebook or Skype. Facebook is extremely helpful as it allows the person to share their present’s moments in real time at anytime, friends and family are able to comment or like on things they post. Social media has provided a platform for young teens to build connections; groups and opportunities, adolescents who have tried to get a job are able to look for a work online, majority of the people say that social media has helped them in someway and has become part of a lifestyle and has actually made life much more efficient and easier. The effect of social media can have on a person are far more serious and can last a lifetime. Cyber bullying could be considered as one of the worst forms of bullying due to the harm and damage it has taken upon many children. The age of children accessing a form of social media is becoming extremely alarming, with kids now accessing the web as young as eight years

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