Informative Essay On Cyberbullying

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You’You’re scrolling through Twitter or Facebook, and you come across a post of one saying hurtful and insulting things to another. Preferably you just scroll right past it without blinking, thinking to yourself, “There is nothing I can do,” or “Who will listen to me anyway”? Nearly everyone who goes online witnesses cyber bullying and just sits by and watches it happen. Some people might not even care, but the ones that do can really change the lives of others by doing something about it instead of watching someone being victimized by another. Something as simple as just reporting the post or telling someone about the cyberbullying could help or even save the life of the teenager or adult whose being harassed. Cyber bullying is one of …show more content…
Cyber bullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature. Today bullies use cell phones or computers to cyber bully; the technology is so updated and high tech, you can literally do anything you can think of. When it comes to teenagers, bullying is basically a hobby for them; they feel no guilt for the things they do, even though they know what they are doing is hurting others. It is crazy to think that something as simple as clicking a button can severely affect a young adult’s future so easily (“Cyber Bullying Statistics”). If you want to be a bully and embarrass or torture someone as easily and as fast as you can, the internet is the place to do it (Parry). Twitter and Facebook are truly a nightmare to get on when you’re a victim of cyberbullying. Bullies tend to post photos and videos anonymously for the world to see (“What is Cyber Bullying”). They think it is safe to post anonymously because they feel they are less likely to get in trouble by parents or teachers. When things are posted on the internet or sent as text messages, no one truly knows what the words mean; they are just black words on a white screen. Bill Belsey, a writer from, says, “Cyber bullying is defined as: The use of information and communication technologies to support …show more content…
Cyber bullying has to do with technology and adults are not quite up to date on everything; well at least I know my dad isn’t which is why teenagers and young adults are mainly affected by cyber bullying than others (“Cyber Bullying Statistics”). I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s very possible to have an adult be the victim of cyberbullying by other adults, it’s just not as common as it is for teenagers. Even though teenagers are the victims of cyber bullying, it also has an effect on the parents and the family members as well (Landau). For a parent, seeing your child getting hurt by other teenagers hurts the parents themselves. Parents want to see their child happy, so they will do anything to make sure that happens. A study shows that one in five high school students are affected by cyber bullying (“Bullied Teens…Alcohol, Drugs”). Justin W. Patchin, studies the Phenomenon at University of Wisconsin-eau Claire, says, “As many as 25% of teenagers experienced cyberbullying at some point.” (“Bullied Teens…Alcohol,

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