Cyberbullying: The Consequences Of Bully Bullies And Bullying

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Bully Bullies and Bullying. What comes into your mind when you hear this words? According to the dictionary, it is the use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or she to do what one wants. In other words, it is classified as an emotional, tormenting, harassing, threating, gossiping, issue that can affect the world today ( Being oppressed is a major problem for children and young people of our generation. Moreover, if someone get picked on, it can knock of their self- esteem and it can make them loose their confidence. Sometimes it makes them feel scared of going to school. In most cases the victims becomes suicidal, in other cases, it can get out of hand leading the bully murder their …show more content…
This type of bulling happens to people for different type of reasons. Therefore, the main reason this actually happen is because of hatred toward someone of different race, sexual orientation, religion, what their body looks like, and disability (Draa & Sydney). Most people say that one of the most justification of cyberbullying is the way the victim physically appear for example, whether or not their teeth or straight or if they have braces, their body shape, clothes they wear, and size if he or she is homosexual.
In 2006-2008 a survey was carried out on college freshmen’s of age18 and 19 and the result of the survey says that 42 percent of students had been bullied, harassed, bullied, or worst case threatened through instant messages (Snell & Englander, 2010). When a perpetrator harasses someone online, it is usually aimed to intimidate or take dominance over someone’s life
According to the dictionary, pretend to be (another person) as entertainment or in order to deceive someone. However, technology and the internet has made it easy for some to take someone else’s identity. This is done by either creating fake name or hacking into the person’s account on social media. The purpose is usually fueled by hatred towards that person, and the goal is generally to destroy the relationships and reputations of the victim, and leave them with nothing or

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