Bullying In Today's Schools

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Bullying is an ever present problem in today’s schools. It is the act of making fun of or hurting someone physically or emotionally on purpose. Children often bully to feel a sense of power or accomplishment over one of their peers. Bullying has become more than face to face confrontation but has taken over the internet and cell phones. This behavior stems from having no control and because of it, trying to gain control over other.

Bullying can happen at any age. It can be verbal or physical. A bully usually learns their hurtful behavior from their home. Parents of bullies are often controlling and degrading. They make their children feel powerless and worthless. This causes the child to lash out on others to mimic the way they are being
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They are usually the weaker child in the class and cannot stand up to their bully. Because of this they become more of a target and the bullying usually continues. A child who is bullied feels sad and alone. They may be the outcast or the odd one in the class already and being bullies affects their self-esteem even more. Being bullied may cause them to seclude themselves from others or lash out at someone. The child may turn into a bully and the viscous cycle continues. A child who is bullied may feel helpless and afraid to telling someone. Bullies are intimidating and often leave students feeling stuck. This is why adult intervention is vital in bullying …show more content…
Bullying needs to be addressed as a serious issue. The class should be taught to work as a team and build each other up instead of making fun of each other. With positive reinforcement this can happen. The teacher could regularly move seats and choose groups so no one is chosen last or, feels left out. The teacher could have a classroom policy that every student is made aware of emphasizing bullying and the consequences for it. As a teacher avoiding yelling and harsh comments will set a good example for each student. The students should be held accountable for their inappropriate actions and have repercussions. These punishments should be something that will help them learn like working with the student they bully or having to write and read them an

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