Social Media Conclusion Essay

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According to Pew Research Center, the use of social media has steadily risen across all age groups in the past 10 years (Pew). Throughout the United States, teens and young adults face the constant innovation of social media and apps that continue to shape the way they live their lives. From an outsider perspective, social media seems to be a great way to develop interactions between kids everywhere and help them communicate with new friends and associates. However, there are many downfalls to social media that are hidden from the general observers view. For reasons that include, the lack of productivity, the false sense of friendship and reliance, combined with cyber bullying and all the negative health consequences shine a spotlight on social …show more content…
Too often, teenagers are blinded by social media to realize what is going on around them and the effects social media is having on their lives. While it may seem like social media brings people together to interact, it actually creates a form a social seclusion. According to an article on the effects of social networking, people that spend a vast amount of time on social networks experience less face-to-face interaction; which according to many doctors can lead to many mental, emotional and anxiety problems (Negative Social Networking). The isolation that comes from social media not only correlates with anxiety, but it also plays a part in the reliance on false relationships online. A valid point made in an article raised the question, “Is social media, just breeding narcissistic individuals who believe that likes and comments are the holy grail of measuring self-worth?” (Social Networking Destroying Relationships). The majority of people are guilty of the Facebook problem, where they have 500 plus friends and are constantly accepting people they saw once in the hallway or etc. Many of these people you hardly know if at all, and sadly individuals rely on them for this false sense of security and appreciation. The whole concept of social media is a symbolic form of a relationship, as it has changed the way we converse with each other for the worse by posting and relying on others. According to an article, “teen’s emotional maturity develops around how others see them. This implies that they easily become gullible and embrace themselves based on the judgment of others, even if these judgments are flawed. Social Media has distorted the minds of developing teenagers by manipulating them into thinking of themselves as others have portrayed it to them”

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