The Effects Of Cyber Bullying

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Cyber bullying is caused by people that want to be popular or even want attention. It happens when the people they dislike the most has better things than the other or just jealous about him/her, causing him/her to comment negative stuff on the online world. Little do they know that cyber bullying is very dangerous especially to the people there making fun off or insulting. Teenagers are all about factions, some tend to be friendly some tending to be popular and some tending to be social. Leading to this bullying online just to prove a point how cool they think they are. What is cyber bullying you might say? Well it’s like bullying in real life, but on the internet where people can see all over the world or even all around your city or town making you very uncomfortable to socialize because there all being busy laughing at you or even saying rude things about you. To me this is considered as a threat. Teenagers tend to find this amusing to get …show more content…
Bullying has let teenagers to commit suicide or even do harsh things to their bodies because of the comments they put or as well as threats. The overwhelming majority of the students polled said they had dealt with such consequences as fights, broken relationships and emotional or psychological distress. (Dawn Turner Trice) Cyber bullying is everywhere all around. It’s in schools, companies, networks, everywhere! It’s the people’s attention to bring up stuff they feel like talking about, but think less of the people there putting down. Much to say about people they don’t know just for their pathetic needs. Everything they say or do in the internet is believed whether or not you choose too. It’s a popular thing. People around the world progress with media on what’s going on today with friends, family, all kinds of people, but one is not making fun of somebody that’s had a hard day especially on

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