Argumentative Essay On Social Networking

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Social Networking
Socializing is a favorite among almost anyone including parents, teens, kids, and grandparents. However with the expansion of social networking sites, face-to-face communication may be a thing of the past. Interaction between peers is a necessity because it teaches important skills unattainable through computer screens such as eye contact and body language. Unfortunately in the age of technology, social media is the most interaction some kids receive. Social networking has such an immense impact on students and society that can alter how people communicate and connect while also posing serious security issues and damage to one’s health.
Social networking has caused the emergence of new dangers and has allowed old dangers to become much easier for people, especially children and teens, to partake in. Bullying has been a constant issue in society and thanks to social networking a new branch of bullying, cyberbullying, has
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Between 2008 and 2009, identity theft attempts increased 240% on social networking sites. In 2012, seven million households reported problems about being threatened online and two-thirds of businesses feared that social media endangered corporate security. Another security issue that has been raised in recent years is social spam. Social spam is when websites scavenge the web for email addresses and passwords that people leave unprotected on their social media accounts. The websites then gain access to your personal email and contacts and begin searching for valuable goods such as bank account information or social security numbers. While many social networking sites claim that your information is private there is always an “eye” in the sky that can see what you have posted and nothing is ever permanently

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