Negative Essay: The Problem Of Cyberbullying On The Internet

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Following the personality mistinturptions and numerous negative comments, comes the world know problem of cyberbullying. Teenagers already face enough inner stress by feeling the need to keep up with what they are seeing on social media, however, it is taken to a whole new level when online tormenting comes into play. With such easy access to technology and social media, comes even easier access for teens to harass each other. Cyberbullying can happen on any and every social media site. Some of the most common sites teens use today are Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and The After School App. Teenagers on all these sites are linked with a profile account with their names and information about them, however it is extremely simple for teens to make …show more content…
Although music can benefit the life of a teenager in many ways, it can also cause much harm. For example, The World Health Organization estimates that 1.1 billion teenagers and young adults are at risk of hearing loss. Nearly 50% of teenagers are exposed to unsafe noise levels, simply from listening to music through their headphones (Radcliffe 1). Teenagers are unaware of the harm that can come from loud music. The typically teenager will disregard the fact that hearing loss will happen to them. About 40% of teenagers attend events such as concerts and sporting events with ear-splitting sound levels (1). Obesity and hearing loss are only a few, of the many negative side effects of technology. Other negative health factors include decreasing vision, lack of quality sleep and muscle tension (1). Of course these negative health factors do not scare off the average teenager. Today, teenagers feel as if they are invisible, which is yet another quality that is encouraged by social media. Most teens are content with living in the moment. They are so wrapped up in what technology and social media have to offer that they don 't care to think about the negative side effects. Truthfully, teenagers today were raised with technology and they simply do not understand life without it. One day they will realize how quickly their health is deteriorating, and maybe just then, something will change. But until then the technology usage will continue to do its harm to the teenage mind and

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