Is Cyberbullying A Problem?

Is cyberbullying really a problem?
Some believe that cyberbullying isn’t a problem, however it’s a huge problem among adolescents. Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using electronic technology, including but not limited to cellphones, computers, and tablets. Today teens use twitter, Instagram, and other websites to humiliate others. When someone thinks cyberbullying they think “social media”, but that’s not always the case, it can happen through something as small as a text message. Cyberbullying is a problem that should not be swept under the rug, it’s actually a big problem that causes emotional distress, problems at home, and suicide. First, bullying has a very big effect on emotional distress. Children being bullied tend to
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Researchers believe that bullies are at risk, and are more likely to involve themselves in many anti-social activities, and tend to turn to drugs and alcohol (Baen, Trianes, and Cowie.1). Although this statement may be true, Victims that endure the bullying are at a higher risk to turn to drugs and alcohol than the actual bullies. The victims tend to have very low self-esteem after a while, and eventually after so much has torn them down they use the drugs and alcohol as an escape plan. Being bullied period can affect a person’s everyday life, academics, their mental mindset, and much more. The Federal Government states that cyberbullying is more mental torturing and different from other types of bullying (Majeed.1).It affects someone so much because as mentioned before words do hurt, and people never know how badly something they said can actually affect someone and eventually could lead them onto the road of destruction. Secondly, Cyberbullying has a very close link to a child having problems at home, because as stated before it is still a form of bullying. Researchers’ state that cyberbullying causes withdrawal from family and spending time alone, unwillingness to let parents, or family anywhere …show more content…
Cyberbullying can have a very negative effect on a child and his or her life. Parents should be more aware of what their child is doing online. They should become more educated on social media, and more involved with their child’s social life. Some parents may feel that they are intruding in their child’s personal life, but in fact it may save a life if they became more involved. Parents tend to stand on the outside and look in, maybe being afraid that they may lose the relationship between the child and them. If we come together as a whole and help stop this cyberbullying the world would be a better place. There are many steps that we could take to achieve this goal like using kind words, making sure that we stay involved in our loved ones life, and learn to love and appreciate people no matter what they did or what they may look like. If we could do this so many children’s lives would be changed and saved. So we ask ourselves “Is cyberbullying really a problem?” Yes, yes it

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