Cyber Bullying Prevention

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How Can Cyberbullying Be Prevented on Instagram?
Cyberbullying is a serious problem that occurs in around half of the teenage population. Approximately 10-20% of teens are victims of repeated cyberbullying. According to, “Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using electronic technology. Electronic technology includes devices and equipment such as cell phones, computers, and tablets as well as communication tools including social media sites, text messages, chat, and websites.” (“What is Cyberbullying?”). Being cyberbullied is just as severe as any other type of bullying. Many people think that physically being bullied is worse. In reality cyberbullying can be worse. Sometimes cyberbullying can be completely anonymous.
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One way is to put any account made on instagram on private. This eliminates the risk of anonymous bullying. A person can choose who is allowed to follow them and no one can see any posts unless they are allowed by the owner of the account. Another way is to block and report any account that bullies. Blocking makes the person’s account who is being bullied like it is invisible. The person who is blocked can’t see the account at all. Reporting is often the best way to stop bullying. A comment, post, or an entire account can be reported. Reporting brings whatever is being reported to instagram’s attention. Questions about why something is being reported are asked. For example it asks if it is breaking the community guidelines and then gives options as to how they are being broken. Accounts that are investigated can be deleted off the site. Another easy way to prevent cyberbullying is being careful when posting. If a person doesn’t post a picture of themselves then a bully can’t insult them on how they look. A very important thing to do is report any cyber bullying to an adult. If the bullying is made by someone in school it is smart to tell the principal and counselor at school. Consequences can be enforced if bullying does become a problem at school. A final way to prevent bullying is to refrain from geo tagging pictures. Geotagging gives the location where a picture is posted. Bullying can become physical and …show more content…
The first thing to do is ignore it. If a person doesn’t let it affect them then they will be fine. Keeping copies of any cyberbullying incidents is important. It is proof that the bullying has occurred. Taking screenshots of any cyberbullying is important. If the bullying continues it is smart to tell an adult and anyone who should know. Principals, school counselors, friends, and family should know. They are the people who can help you get through it. Sometimes it is hard to ignore though. When it starts to effect a person it is important to seek professional health. Knowing that bullying can cause depression and low self esteem it is important that a person gets professional help. A counselor may seem scary. Many teens feel like it 's weird to have a counselor because it feels like you are crazy, but getting help is important. If cyberbullying continues deleting any social media accounts is the best option. If a bully can 't get to you online, then they can 't hurt you there anymore. The most important thing to remember is that self harm and suicide is never the answer. No one deserves

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