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  • Young Adult Literature

    “Reading Pop Culture and Young Adult Literature Through the Youth Lens” from the January 2015 edition of The English Journal discusses a professor’s implementation of a curriculum for teacher candidates that encourages future teachers to identify and consider the portrayal of societal constructions of adolescence in various texts. Through biological, psychology and pop-culture perspectives, teacher-candidates learn to question the dominant narratives of adolescence and see future students on an individual level. The article also periodically offers suggestions about implementing a similar curriculum in a secondary classroom. By applying a youth lens to pop-culture texts, the teacher-candidates begin to see some of the harmful ways that adolescents…

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  • Young Adult Literature Essay

    birth one is not truly conscious; in marriage one has a partner, even death is faced with a life’s experience by one’s side,” said David Van Biema in. Throughout these “coming of age” years, young people are trying to adapt to the world around them while struggling to fit in. Young adult literature often helps students to understand and cope with social issues, pressures, and other problems relevant to their age group. Additionally, these books create an “escape” from reality for the reader.…

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  • Grey's Anatomy: A Role Model On Young Adults

    Every young adult needs a role model in their lives, someone to look up to and learn from their experiences. Not all role models come from the real world, but rather from television. Teenagers look up to popular television stars as positive influences, and want to be like them. Dr. Meredith Grey from the television series Grey’s Anatomy is a positive influence on young adults because she is self-reliant, shows what a true friendship consists of, and is honest. The show Grey’s Anatomy follows the…

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  • The Influence Of Young Adult Literature

    basic goal that goes far beyond simply improving language skills. This goal is to spark a passion for English, whether it be reading or writing, in the hearts of students. However, this poses a challenge to teachers, as they must find a balance in the classroom that will engage students. It is difficult to create an environment in which students will enjoy English when educational standards have to be me. A solution for this is to incorporate more young adult literature in English…

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  • Controversial Themes In Young Adult Fiction

    Young adult fiction has become a popular and often controversial genre in recent media. The genre encompasses fiction published for readers from 12 to 18 years of age, yet can contain sensitive and complex topics such as suicide, self-harm and death. Such novels have been widely criticised by parents and primary care givers in an attempt to protect their children from the seemingly macabre subject matter contained within. In spite or because of that, it is posited that adolescents should indeed…

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  • Romantic Relationships In Young Adults

    I. Young Adults (B.) In class we had the opportunity of learning about the Greek romantic lovers, which I found really interesting. There are different types of romantic lovers: eros, storge, agape, mania, ludus and praga. Eros are romantic, passionate, jealous and they get into big fights and the make up is very intents. Storge are companionate, loyal, not jealous, more stable, calmer and the partners are devoted to each other. Agapes are altruistic, the individual does not worry about what…

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  • Phones Affecting Adolescents

    purpose. But as we evolve, we grow into complex individual with thoughts, emotions, culture, influence, with vast capabilities. Unlike phones, humans are not programmed what to think or how to act, we learn such concepts from one another. Phones and other forms of technology are extensions of the self; we create them as mere conveniences. Despite such truth, our creations are in some ways are like us, since they are extensions of ourselves, they affect us in a multitude of ways. Social media,…

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  • Adolescence Rites Of Passage

    usually do so before transitioning into young adulthood, which is generally before or around the age of 18. Young adults will face yet another “crisis” known as “intimacy vs. isolation,” which usually occurs around the ages of eighteen and thirty five. After one has successfully resolved the “identity vs. identity confusion” stage, they are able to seek out healthy and satisfying relationships. Punishment is generally used to correct misbehavior, but may not be very effective in the long run.…

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  • Effects Of Social Media On Self Esteem

    media is used for different things, such as keeping in touch with family/friends, entertainment, sharing information, or just to waste time. “For those who think their self-esteem is being influenced negatively by social media, Campbell says the most important thing to do is reconnect with your presence and your personal brand—that means unhooking from computer land (Jodie Gummow).” According to Jodie Gummow from alternet, social media can impact your self-esteem, negatively. Possibly the only…

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  • Anticipatory Guidance

    other than schoolwork a day. S. Z. spends more than 2 hours for computer games and playing phone other than schoolwork. He has about over 6 hours screen time in most days due to most schoolwork needs to do on computer. Annual eye exam is important to find and prevent any vision problems for long screen time everyday. S. Z. is instructed to have eye break at least every 30 minutes when he uses screen. In late adolescent period, most young adults experience emotional ups and downs. It is important…

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