Technology Positive Effects

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adverse affects. As a final point, technology has become another platform for bullying as the online community allows the harassment to continue after school hours; as long as children have access to the internet. What used to be a school yard crisis has spread globally with the eruption of a technological Western society. Nowadays victims can be targeted through social media platforms such as Facebook. This website in specific contains over 5.5 million Facebook users under the age of 13. Although this website claims they follow protocol, the security is easily breached as children can deceive the system. There is no way of legitimizing the age of the users that sign up. Although this leading social media website boasts that they screen accounts to determine if the users are in fact of …show more content…
Although it can be argued that technology may be a resource and aid with the treatment of mental illness, however; due to the detrimental effects caused predominately by social media platforms, this would be redundant. Technology has become significantly important to a functioning society and has become increasingly important to children. This increased dependence on technology has led to new problems for today’s youth. To begin with, social interaction is becoming virtual, resulting in less face to face communication and crippling addictions. Secondly, the internet contains vast amounts of adult content that is easily accessible by youth, leading to unrealistic ideas of how to interact and behave. As a final point, technology has become another platform for bullying that is entirely online and therefore more strenuous on the victim than physical bullying. Therefore, using technology to treat mental illness among youth is redundant as increased technology and social media usage are detrimental to the mental health of

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